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Kyrgyzstan President Overthrown April 12

Apr 14, 2010


The stalemate has left Kyrgyzstan’s near-term stability in doubt. That worries the West because a U.S. air base in Kyrgyzstan is crucial in the military campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The base is used both as the launch point for refueling flights over Afghanistan and as a troop transit point. Troop transit flights had been diverted for several days, but the U.S. Embassy said Monday that those flights have returned to normal operation and that the refueling flights are continuing.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake is to travel to Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday for talks including topics such as the base’s status.

Atambayev, echoing previous statements by interim government leader Roza Otunbayeva, said the base’s status will be discussed with the United States and “we shall decide everything in a civilized way.”

Many Kyrgyz oppose the base and Atambayev expressed deep ambivalence.

“This base is our common cause to provide stability in Afghanistan,” he said.

But then he launched into criticism of the United States for allegedly cutting deals with Bakiyev’s family for contracts at the base.

Alleged corruption by members of the Bakiyev family, including enriching themselves through fuel contracts for the base, was one of the top issues that brought out protesters last week.

While trying to preserve the base, you lost the respect of the people,” Atambayev said of the United States.

It is difficult for US officials to know when to bribe and when not to bribe. I feel their pain. My only advice is that you grease the skids, be careful not to get any grease on your own shoes.

The point is that this occurred on April 12, which is the end of the second 76-day period that we have anticipated since last November.

These 76-day periods started out showing signs of an outpouring of the Spirit (Nov. 11/12) and then the dead being raised (Jan. 26/27). But along with this we are seeing signs of national upheavals. Consider the fact that the "Borneo meeting" that I reported yesterday took place on January 28 and so it is part of the general time frame of the January 27 watch date.

I reported this 76 days after the meeting took place (Jan. 28 to April 13).

But then on April 12 we see the president of Kyrgyzstan overthrown. Last night's news said that he offered to resign from his place of hiding, if he were offered safe passage for himself and family. However, the interim powers instead revoked his immunity from prosecution.

Most people have never even hear of Kyrgyzstan and certainly don't know how to pronounce it. Yet it is a crucial link in the war in Afghanistan because of the US military base there.

If this is the prime event that is an indicator of events yet to come later this year, then we could see some significant upheavals among the nations. It is something to watch in the days ahead.

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