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Feedback about April 20 Watch Date

Apr 23, 2010

This is feedback from my weblog the other day. It is from my friend Anthony, who works for the UN in Nigeria.

I have just read your weblog – ‘Casting out the bondwoman’.  I didn’t even take note that you had bookmarked 19 April as a watch date.  I was about writing you to ask whether you did not see anything on your radar for 20 April.  I was wondering whether all the foundations of the world have gone out of canter.

I was going me about my work strong, hale and hearty, when about 5 p.m. local time, it was as if I was hit by a meteorite.  I was pulverized on the inside.  I managed to drive home and wrapped up in warm clothes and tried to gather the pieces of myself.

Now, this ‘meteorite’ strike normally occurs on November 29/30, but how come it is striking early this year, on 20 April?  It was so severe that I had to take some fever drugs to still the rumble within. Before now, I have been going from strength to strength since January 2009 when I went through my  ‘passion week’ death and resurrection experience. So the April 20 experience got me perplexed and I was going to write you to know whether you saw it coming and what Israel ought to do, when you came up with the answer in your ‘Casting out the bondwoman’ weblog.

Many thanks!

Comment: Note that his "meteorite" strikes occur on Nov. 29/30, which is the key date of our Jubilee Prayer Campaign in 1993 and again in 1994 when Washington was "de-Foley-ated" (Dan. 4:14), i.e., when Tom Foley resigned from Congress after passing the GATT treaty.

Likewise, it was a key date 7 years later on Nov. 29, 2000, when we reached the end of the seven-year cycle based on Dan. 4:25. The next day we reached the end of the 7-1/2 year transition from Saul to David (dating from May 30, 1993 when "Saul" died). See 2 Sam. 5:5.

Each of these dates has to do with the overthrow of "Babylon" as well as the establishment of David's Kingdom--i.e., the overcomers ruling in the Age of Tabernacles.

He continues . . . 

So what is the Lord doing?  He is using the United Nations in general, and the UN Development Programme in Nigeria to give a snapshot of the progress of the kingdom.  So He stuck me in the midst of the (united) nations to witness it!  Now, at the global level, the United Nations House in New York, built in 1945, is being entirely renovated, section by section. And this started in 2008.  This speaks of what that the Lord is renewing the nations, bringing in a new order to replace the world order that emerged after World War II in 1945.

That’s what the global economic and financial crises is leading to, as you have rightly wrote  and revealed  in your blogs. As the stone cut without hands is crushing the image, it is also growing and filling the earth – two dynamics  going on simultaneously – the natural, carnal man making way for the spiritual, Christ man, two powerful spirits contending for authority and rulership over the earth.

At the local level here, the Lord has shown that ‘my servant David’ has taken over power.  We have a good governance unit in the UNDP Country office where I work.  And for one uncanny reason or the other, three consecutive team leaders since the past ten years have been named Samuel (the prophet).  And for another uncanny reason, there has always been a David (the king) in that unit.  Now, in February this year, the David in this unit was highly promoted, getting an international job, and went to  Ethiopia.  Another David stepped into the unit.  Another David, in the UN House was promoted and leapfrogged from salary grade level 7 to 10 during the first quarter of this year to become the UN House Manager.  To capstone the type and shadow, the new overall boss of the UN in Nigeria assumed duty on 14 April.  Guess his name?  You got it, Daouda, or David!    

This type tells me that the Lord Jesus Christ, our great King David, has taken His great power and is reigning in the earth.  The Lord is that Spirit, and as we do not know Him anymore after the flesh, we would have to look into the Spirit to see Joseph, Christ our Lord and King, David, glorified in His saints and reigning on Mt. Zion.  Now, where the Lord is, there is liberty.  This is the liberty the sons of God.  The Lord is come to be glorified in His saints.  And the whole creation is groaning and travailing to come into the same liberty, hence the quakes, snowstorms, volcanoes...  These quakes and shakes will continue to take place until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.

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