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Confirmation of February 21 Watch Date

Apr 15, 2010

I received this by email today . . .

Brother Stephen, concerning the watch date of 21 February, this is my confirmatory experience: On the night of 21 February 2010, in a dream of my head in the night, I was carried by the spirit to a very high mountain.  It was early evening, and I was looking up into a star studded sky.  The stars were having a ball!  Some were singing and dancing, others were skipping and somersaulting, others yet were flying like squadrons of fighter planes – there was so much joy and rejoicing and carrying on in the usually staid sky!

Next thing, a crowd of stars twirled and formed a crown and the crown was fitted on my head and became one with my head.  I was asked to stretch out my hand.  As I did, a beautiful sword, like a samurai sword, was laid in my palm. I clasped it and saluted with it across my chest.  A mandate was clearly spoken to me but on waking, I could not remember it.

Does anyone have any discernment about this?

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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