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Calvin Smith and the Number 62

Apr 23, 2010

Since I have been writing about the prophetic significance of 62, taken from Daniel 5:31, I find it interesting that Calvin Smith has stumbled across this number as well.


Note that he focuses on the number 62 as a revelation of events going on in Iran (Persia). But in the process he mentions something really strange:

"Thus, the mineral Samarium (used in nuclear fusion and apparently helping Iran develop a nuclear capacity) has the atomic number 62."

Is it not strange that the year 2010 would be 62 years from 1948 and also 13 x 210 years from the fall of SAMARIA??

Is this element called SAMARIUM actually prophetic of something? I have often said that most prophecy is inadvertent.


Samarium is from a mineral called Samarskite, first identified in a Russian mine and named after the mine official, Colonel Vasili Samarsky-Bykhovets (1803-1870).


It makes me wonder how the mine official got his name. Was he descended from the original Israelites in Samaria? We know that many of those Israelites were taken to Assyria, from which location they immigrated into Southern Russia and on into Europe after the collapse of Assyria.

Anyway, though it may seem bizarre, perhaps this mineral was named inadvertently to give us a sign of the discovery of Joseph-Israel ("Samaria" being the capital of Israel), and that this would become relevant 62 years after 1948, the age of Darius the Mede, who took Babylon for Cyrus the Persian (Iranian).


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