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Black Bishop Challenges Congressional Black Caucus on issues of morality

Apr 26, 2010


Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., has set up the Stand America PAC to challenge members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Jackson tells OneNewsNow that that contingent of lawmakers does not represent black Americans.
"They are pro-abortion, they are pro-homosexuality, they are pro-gay marriage -- and the black community doesn't agree with any of these things...and it is time [those lawmakers] were challenged," he vows. "[O]ur PAC is going to challenge them, recruit candidates, and ultimately see to it that they are defeated, and that the black community has an alternative leadership to look to."
According to Jackson, members of the Congressional Black Caucus have insulted the black community by "conflating the black struggle for civil rights with the demands of radical homosexuals for marriage and other rights." That, he says, is "one of the most preposterous frauds ever perpetrated on a people."

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