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A New $100 Bill and its Symbolism

Apr 29, 2010

The new $100 bill was unveiled April 21, 2010. It is scheduled to be put into circulation on Feb. 10, 2011.


There is an interesting article that deals with the symbolism of this new $100 bill. As you may already know, symbolism is a very important feature when it comes to money.


Essentially, he believes the symbolism hints that we are about to move back to the Gold Standard. For this reason, the right side of the Bill is gold colored and has the statement,


This statement was on the left side of the previous bills. Now it is on the right (gold) side. Is this a subtle hint that "legal tender" is shifting to gold? Perhaps more important is the tiny background print on the gold side. It is a photo of a portion of the Declaration of Independence, and the most prominent statement visible on this bill says,

[the right of] "the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new"

Money is not designed haphazardly. When money is designed, every tiny detail means something. Many symbols have double meanings--one for public consumption, and the other being the real purpose of the designers.

The question is: What do they intend to alter or abolish?

The answer is probably something along the lines of a new monetary system that is tied to the Gold Standard. And this brings us to another issue. The US Treasury claims to have 147.3 million ounces of gold.


But last year's discovery of gold-plated tungsten bars, traced back to the US, has put the US Treasury's claim into doubt. What if much of the gold at Ft. Knox has already been turned into gold-plated tungsten? What if most of gold has already been stolen by our Goldman-Sachs-dominated Treasury department for The United States Kleptocracy? The effect would be FIAT GOLD. Yet as long as these bars remain in custody and the guardians are not  required to prove the validity of those gold bars, the effect is that tungsten is "as good as gold."

It's all based on a system of FAITH, whether the money is paper or "gold." The CLAIM is as good as the REALITY, whether the claim is valid or not. If our government did not constantly claim the right to lie "for the good of the people," and for purposes of "national security," I might have a bit more trust in words coming from government officials. But because they have given themselves the right to lie, while denying us that same right, it calls into question the faith we are expected to have in them when they say, "We have 147.3 million ounces of gold."

If we go back to a Gold Standard, it would be necessary to revalue gold upward, much like Roosevelt did in 1933, when gold was revalued from $20 to $35/oz. (That just means the dollar dropped in value by one-third.) In 1973, under Nixon, gold was again revalued at $42/oz, which is where its "official" value stands at the present time. (See the above link.)

To go on a Gold Standard at the valuation of $42/oz would be totally unrealistic, because at that price, the official value of the US Treasury gold stands only at $288 billion. Our deficits alone are now running into the TRILLIONS. So in any kind of meaningful change, gold would have to be revalued much higher, with the dollar going down in value by the same ratio.

The price of all metals would then go up proportionately as well, because it would take more dollars to buy the same amount of those metals. And this would affect the price of all other goods and services that people try to pay for with paper money. The popular name for this is "Inflation."

Prophetically speaking, if and when the world shifts to a Gold Standard, it would mark the day that the Kings of the East (prophetic "Medo-Persia") conquered Babylon. This, I believe would also mark the beginning of transition from the world kingdoms to the Kingdom of God. I say this because ancient Medo-Persia was a underlying type and shadow of the Kingdom of God, with King Cyrus himself being a type of Christ (Isaiah 45:1).


And so, to grasp the bigger prophetic picture in the course of world history, it is important that we have some understanding of how politics and economics are the primary earthly "movers and shakers." Most of the politicians and economists do not know or believe that God is behind these changes in the overall sense, nor do they realize that God is using them as they blindly go about their tasks. It does not matter. Cyrus and Darius did not understand it either. Nonetheless, they did everything God told them, as we read in Isaiah 44:28,

"It is I who says of Cyrus, He is My shepherd! And he will perform all My desire. And he declares of Jerusalem, SHE WILL BE BUILT, and of the temple, YOUR FOUNDATION WILL BE LAID."

In the days of Daniel, this was done with the old Jerusalem and the Second Temple. This time, God intends to use the Kings of the East to build the NEW JERUSALEM and finance the laying of the FOUNDATION OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

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