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Waiting for the 1335 Days to Complete

Mar 16, 2010

With March 11, 2010 being the 1290th day from the revelation of the present prayer campaign, as described in yesterday's weblog, there is strong indication that we ought to also look at the 1335th day. This is according to Daniel 12:12,

"How blessed is he who keeps waiting [after the 1290] and attains to the 1335 days."

This makes April 26, 2010 a watch date as well, or possibly April 27. In fact, since we have been seeing many things happen a day early, we should also watch April 25. So we should be watchful during the three-day period from April 25-27.

Since Daniel says nothing further about the meaning of 1335, it is hard to know what to watch for, but we should mark it on our calendars and observe what might happen. That way, we might get more insight on the meaning of the 1335th day by what we observe.

In past years April 25/26 has been important. On April 25, 1982 the Maitreya advertisement appeared in many large newspapers around the world proclaiming, "The Christ is Now Here."

On April 25/26, 1986 the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl occurred.

So there is some precedent to this time. Whether those previous events are directly linked to this year or not remains to be seen.

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