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US and Israel at "Point of No Return"

Mar 26, 2010

This is quite a remarkable article appearing in an Israeli newspaper.


Keep in mind what I have written about February 14, 2010 being the 62nd anniversary of the Latter Rain Movement. It was the point, I believe, where the Birthright was taken away from Edom and returned to the true Israelites who will bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom.

We are now coming up on April 19 (Jewish calendar) and May 14 (our calendar), which will be the 62nd anniversary of the Israeli state.

The above news article seems to confirm that we have come to the point of no return in regard to the US-Israel alliance. Remember that "Crossing the Rubicon" is an old way of saying that we have passed the point of no return. I wrote this in a blog for 3/10/10,

The second historical pattern was when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon in 49 B.C. to take Rome. (Note the 49 again.) It was unlawful in those days for a Roman general, assigned to the northern territories, to cross the Rubicon River into Italy without express permission from Rome. So when Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he told his troops, "the die is cast." They all knew that they had to succeed in taking Rome, or else they would all be executed for treason. Hence, "crossing the Rubicon" has become a saying that indicates "the point of no return."

It will be interesting to see how "Operation Snowmageddon" affects the White House. It appears that this is more than just "taking Rome." The results are being seen in the breakdown of relations between the US and "Israel." This is, of course, necessary in the transfer of the Birthright to the true inheritors. Once "Joseph" has been found and the Birthright transferred to those who are truly called and chosen, it is necessary that the usurpers be exposed if they continue to lay claim to the Birthright name, Israel.

Our coming conference in Manassas, VA next week end bears witness to the end of the period of "forgetfulness" that was established by the name of Joseph's son, Manasseh (or Manassas). See Gen. 41:51. Since we are now at the other end of this period of forgetfulness, it is time to REMEMBER. Everything then changes, and so our President promised to be the administration of "change." This is being fulfilled in ways he never dreamed of.

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