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The White Mountain

Mar 11, 2010

On Oct. 31, 1517, a Roman Catholic priest, Martin Luther, began a "protest" largely against the love of money that had taken over the Church. In posting his "95 Theses" on the Church door at Wittenberg, he inadvertently started a movement that came to be known as Protestantism.

From a prophetic standpoint, his recent discovery of the idea of Justification by faith alone started a new Exodus from spiritual "Egypt." It was the rediscovery of the true significance of the feast of Passover, which had allowed the Israelites to leave Egypt thousands of years ago.

This "exodus" was followed up by other revelations of Sanctification (crossing the Red Sea), the revelation that God was still a Healer ("Marah"), the great missionary movement in the 1800's ("Elim"), the outbreak of Pentecost in the early 1900's ("Sinai"), and finally the Latter Rain movement of 1948, which received the revelation of the feast of Tabernacles and represented the failed opportunity to enter the Promised Land.

The 490th anniversary of Martin Luther's "95 Theses" on the Church door at Wittenberg came on Oct. 31, 2007, when we held a meeting in Oklahoma City to seek the Lord and know His will. On the same day, unknown to us at the time, Meredith Whitney published an article exposing Citigroup. This article began to unravel the entire banking system's vulnerability, and soon the banking crisis began.

It was again about the love of money.

But Martin Luther's "95 Theses" was only the beginning. His posting led to a 3-year verbal battle that ended with his excommunication on January 3, 1521.


Likewise, we may see this same 3-year span of time played out from Oct. 31, 2007 to January 2011.

Our current prayer battle called "Operation Snowmageddon" is centered around Washington D.C. and the love of money. The recent snowstorms that have pounded the city this winter caused President Obama to dub it "Snowmageddon," providing us with the name of this prayer campaign.

But the underlying significance of this is in the fact that Wittenberg means "White Mountain." A mountain, in biblical symbolism, is a nation or kingdom, represented primarily by its seat of government. Hence, Washington D.C. is not only the American Rome, but is also the American "White Mountain." It has become covered with snow in record amounts.

It appears, then, that we should look at the events in Martin Luther's day to draw parallels to the present time. Exactly how this will play out is only now beginning to be established and is by no means clear. But in the light of other revelations concerning the year 2010, one thing is very clear--this is a crucial year in the history of America as well as biblical history.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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