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The Abomination of Desolation Factor

Mar 15, 2010

My recent weblog about "The White Mountain" drew attention to a revelation from August 31, 2006, given to a friend named Kathy, after she was awakened at 3:32 a.m. While fully awake she heard these words: "Children--White Mountain--Prayer Campaign."

At the time, none of us really had any idea what it meant. We did understand about the White Mountain and its connection to Martin Luther's "Wittenberg," along with other connecting revelations, but we could only speculate about the "children" and the "prayer campaign." At any rate, we were on our way to Canada with a group to do some fishing for a week, so we soon forgot about this until she called me last Friday to remind me of it.

It is now obvious that her revelation from 2006 was a word about "Operation Snowmageddon," and that this was a prayer campaign about the White Mountain being carried out by the "children" of God. It occurred to me then that there must be some kind of time connection between this prayer campaign and Kathy's revelation on August 31, 2006. So I did some calculation and discovered that Friday, March 12, the day Kathy called me, was the 1290th day from her revelation.

This immediately brought to mind the statement in Daniel 12:11,

"And from the time that the regular sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation is set up there will be 1,290 days."

There are many books dealing with this topic, but I don't intend to comment on the larger fulfillment of this prophecy. At the moment, we are more interested in the short-term fulfillment in the present prayer campaign.

On the 29th of January of this year, I posted a link where J.R. Church was commenting about a certain Israeli Jewish group that was planning to begin animal sacrifices in Jerusalem on March 16 (i.e., tomorrow). I am not sure where he got his information. Perhaps it is from this site:

But this is from 2007. They have made plans to do this for a number of years but were stopped each time by the government. So there is no guarantee that they will succeed this year.

Also, I do not know why they would begin sacrificing on March 16, except that this is the first day of the first month on their calendar. In past years they have expressed their interest in beginning sacrifices on Passover, which is March 29 this year.

I believe that if and when they do begin official animal sacrifices, it will be an "abomination of desolation" fulfillment on some level. For many years prophecy preachers have predicted the destruction of the mosque that now sits on (actually next to) the site of the old temple. They predict the rebuilding of "the third temple" as well. They also predict the resumption of sacrifices, and many even think that this is pleasing to God--as if animal sacrifices will soon be effective once again in the forgiveness of sin.

It is often claimed by dispensationalists that the current "Age of Grace" will end and the next Age will be a "Jewish Age" in which sacrifices will be re-instituted by God. Such people need to re-read the book of Hebrews, of course, but the ultimate intent is to remove that book from the Bible, and eventually to de-legitimize the entire New Testament, returning us to some kind of "Christian" Judaism.

This is a long-term goal that was behind the Jewish funding and support of Scofield and the idea of "dispensationalism" in general. (See The Incredible Scofield and His Book, by Joseph M. Canfield.)

Kathy's revelation from 2006 and its re-emergence last Friday--the 1290th day from the revelation--indicates that Operation Snowmageddon is partly addressing this issue of the abomination of desolation. For this reason, we should watch whether this re-established Levitical priesthood will succeed in sacrificing at Passover.

If they do, it will itself be an abomination of desolation. Here's why . . .

I have shown in many previous writings that the siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. began at Passover of that year. The final battle ended with the taking of Masada on Passover of 73 A.D. These two dates were precisely 40 years from the execution of John the Baptist in 30 A.D. and the crucifixion of Jesus in 33.

All of these events took place on Passover. The rejection of John and Jesus brought about divine judgment 40 years later, after their grace period ended. Ezekiel's intercession in Ez. 4:6 gave Jerusalem 40 years in which to repent. After this ended, the full weight of divine judgment was unleashed.

When Jesus arrived, the animal sacrifices ended insofar as God was concerned. But the temple priests continued sacrificing until 70 A.D. Before the coming of Christ, animal sacrifices were an acceptable offering, a "sweet savour" unto God. But once the True Lamb of God came, the animal sacrifices were no longer acceptable--and, in fact, they could only be a symbol of their rejection of the True Sacrifice.

That rejection was an "abomination of desolation," that is, an abomination that brought about the desolation 40 years later. The Greek word for "abomination" that is used in Matt. 24:15 is bdelygma, which is from the prime root, bdelusso.

The link above shows that it means "to stink." It also gives a fuller meaning from Thayer's Lexicon on the same page: "quietly to break wind; to stink." See it for yourself.

In other words, the root word for abomination has to do with passing gas--the opposite of a sweet savour. This is the divine opinion in regard to animal sacrifices after the coming of the one True Sacrifice. And this verdict is not likely to be reversed in the coming age.

This abomination is what brings "desolation." It is actually a graphic word picture of the priests passing gas, and the whole room is suddenly emptied, leaving it "desolate." So if they expect God to be well pleased with animal sacrifices, they might be surprised to find that God leaves the room quietly in total disgust.

So it appears that Operation Snowmageddon addresses this problem in some way. While the connections are still somewhat unclear (except for the timing), it is something that should be watched. It may be that the prayer campaign is designed to thwart this year's plan to sacrifice an animal at Passover. Of, if they actually perform it, then it could be designed to give another verdict similar to what Jesus did in His day, which ultimately brought about the destruction of Jerusalem 40 years later.

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