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Scientific Explanation of the 10 Plagues on Egypt

Mar 29, 2010

God often works through "natural" phenomena to accomplish His purposes. The miracle is often not so much the event itself as it is the TIMING of the event. In other words, the plagues upon Egypt may possibly be the results of natural phenomena, but when they are timed to happen at the moment Moses SAYS they will happen--well, that is the miracle.

Another example is when the earthquake occurred at the precise time of Jesus' death and another at His resurrection. Or the quake that occurred in Acts 16;26, while Paul and Silas were praising God in the prison. God intervened by shaking the prison.

Earthquakes can always be explained scientifically as natural phenomena, but when we see the coincidence of timing, it shows the hidden hand of God.

So here is an archeologist's explanation of the 10 plagues on Egypt. In my view, his theory might be partially or even largely correct, but no archeologist can explain why this all happened right after Moses warned Pharaoh to "let my people go."


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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