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Repairing the Breach in 2000 and 2010

Mar 02, 2010

Today as we drove mile after mile, Ron and I discussed various aspects of the manifestation of Joseph that are emerging this year. At one point it dawned on me that going to the Bay area in 2010 is directly connected to my trip to the same area in the year 2000. This is ten years later, a time factor known as the Hezekiah Factor.

Back in 2000 I flew to San Francisco (not far from San Jose) to do some teaching at a church in the area. As the plane was landing, I suddenly knew that this was about repairing the breach that had appeared in the prayer wall around spiritual America way back in 1981.

In November of 1981 the series of spiritual battles began which changed my life. It was discerned that a breach had opened up in America's spiritual defenses at the "gate" in San Francisco. Spiritual enemies were pouring into the country, so the prayer warriors went into action to stop the influx.

But the actual repair of the breach at the "gate" (Golden Gate Bridge) was not completed until the year 2000. When completed, eight of us walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and back to inspect the gate. When we were satisfied, we pronounced the work completed.

It is now ten years later, and we are returning to the same area. We do not have to do the same repair work as in the year 2000, because that particular work was finished. But this conference appears to have a new application of the idea of repairing the breach. It is the repair of the breach between Judah and Joseph, prophesied in the story of King Hezekiah himself. Hezekiah was the king of Judah, but he named his son Manasseh, the son of Joseph. So Manasseh himself represents the repair of the breach between Judah and Joseph.

This theme has already emerged, not only with our conferences in Manassas, VA, but also with "Ezekiel's Walking Stick" and the report we received from the pastor in Fresno, CA. (This was reported last week in a weblog.)

The staff arrived on Feb. 20, and it was made of two kinds of wood to represent Judah and Joseph. It represented the repair of the breach. So this conference seems to be a witness to this repair. It will be interesting to watch and discern the flow of the Spirit this week end.

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