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Real Health Care

Mar 26, 2010

The health care crisis is not really caused by the high cost of medicine or by poverty as such. The crisis is the natural result of a "scientific" mindset that attempts to change what God has created (and pronounced "good") into a man-made object that can be patented and sold for profit.

When pharmaceutical employees find something that God has created which will cure certain diseases, they immediately look for ways to synthesize it, rather than to grow it naturally. That way, they can patent the man-made product and sell it with exclusive rights.

Genetically-modified foods are also a big problem. The real agenda is not to "feed the world" or solve the problem of world hunger. The agenda is to establish a monopoly on food so that people become dependent upon certain corporations to obtain their food supply. This is accomplished by genetically modifying foods, patenting the modification, and then when farmers use those seeds, the pollen blows in the wind to all parts of the country, contaminating other fields. Then when the contaminated field is discovered to have patented pollen, the corporation sues the innocent farmer--and usually wins in court.

As these products are sold around the world, it will not take long before there is very little uncontaminated seed left. God's creation is thus usurped by man and becomes "man-made." This is one way that man is trying to become a god. He destroys what God has created, calls it "inadequate," and says, "We can do better than God."

The health care crisis will not end until we outlaw MSG, aspartame, and genetically-modified foods. And now we are seeing the emergence of a new problem--nano-foods.


God made us to eat natural foods that He created, not man-made chemicals. Our bodies have no daily minimum requirement for man-made chemicals in order to maintain health. We are made of the dust of the ground, which contains all the natural minerals of the soil that He created. Those minerals must be replenished by food (plant life) that has absorbed minerals from the soil so that we can obtain them from the foods we eat.

It is now plain what Rev. 11:18 means, when it says that "Thy wrath came and the time came for the dead to be judged . . . and to destroy those who destroy the earth."

Those who claim that they can do better than the Creator by altering what He has made are lying to the world. Their real agenda is to gain control of nature and creation itself, and to lay claim to what God owns by right of creation.

These destroyers of the earth have created the health problem and marketed it with enormous profits. Then when their products cause a health care crisis in our over-chemicalized, under-nourished bodies, they take further control over us by the Health Care bill that forces us to pay more money for more chemicals to cure the conditions which they have caused.

Their solutions keep us alive longer, but in such poor condition that we are dependent upon buying their products longer. This way they ensure more customers for longer periods of time, and because of our violation of divine laws of farming and health, we have received the diseases of Egypt as promised in the laws of tribulation (Deut. 28:60)..

And meanwhile, they are able to control another large portion of our lives and that of the economy.

And, of course, to keep track of all of this, they are "forced" to put microchips into us in order to track all of our personal data.

Well, this is the problem. But fortunately for us, God has foretold the solution. It is to repent of our ways and return to the standard of living expressed in the Word of God. America is one of the sickest nations on earth in the midst of an abundance of health care technology. Why? Because we have refused, as a nation, to be obedient to the King whose right it is to rule the earth that He created.

No Health Care bill is going to resolve that issue. We will continue to suffer the natural consequences of our sins as long as we ignore God's laws on farming and health, just as we will continue to spawn more criminals by the use of our ungodly prison system. These are all natural consequences for disobedience to the laws of God. And the consequences, once recognized, will be what corrects us. When we get enough of it and become disillusioned with the Babylonian, lawless way of doing things, then the situation will turn around.

But not before then.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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