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New Bill introduced redefining dissidents as

Mar 22, 2010

America has long valued dissent as one of the most important foundations of "democracy." That era is now nearing an end.

Don't get me wrong. . . dissent is still valued. The problem is that dissenters are being redefined as "enemy belligerants," and this legislation--supported by Senators McCain and Lieberman--would make it illegal to be an "enemy belligerant."

Government officials have long engaged in legalism. If they don't like certain constitutional restraints on their power, they simply redefine terms to suit themselves. It is a war game of words. Taxes became "revenue." Federal government bribery became "revenue sharing" (given out as bribery to all states that conformed to the Federal mandates). Gambling has now become "gaming."

For Bill Clinton, it was the word "is." George Bush redefined torture as "enhanced interrogation techniques." Now we have finally come to the place where dissent is "belligerance."

And worse yet, the bill defines it so so generally that it can mean anyone that the president thinks ought to be arrested and "interrogated"--using "enhanced interrogation techniques" whenever they wish. The bill makes no distinction between citizens and foreigners.

I have said for years that if Christians do not rise up and oppose President Bush's torture policies, someday those same "interrogation techniques" will be used against Christians. This bill brings us one step closer to that reality. And it will continue until the Church repents of its lawlessness.


Does that make me an "enemy belligerant?" I'm not sure. I'll have to ask the president.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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