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Don't be motivated by fear, greed, or hatred

Mar 22, 2010

Emotions are running high in the wake of last night's vote on the Health Care bill.

Just keep in mind that as aspiring overcomers, we are not to be motivated by fear, greed, or hatred--or any other emotion of the carnal mind.

All those who are motivated by fleshly emotions are useful to the government in passing more and more oppressive laws that only serve to remove our freedoms. Those who love a Socialistic type of government are useful in one way. Those who oppose it are useful in motivating Congress to pass repressive laws such as the McCain-Lieberman bill redefining dissenters as "enemy belligerants."

Here is another good example of how government agents work hard to motivate those who think that hatred is a virtue into doing some useful work for them:

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Category: News Commentary

Dr. Stephen Jones

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