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Claiming Spiritual Dominion over the American Rome

Mar 10, 2010

The Joseph Conference in San Jose, CA went smoothly with over 100 people in attendance. In one meeting we counted 98 people, but not all attended every meeting. The only glitch was that my first teaching session did not get recorded, where I taught on the basics of types and shadows--what are they? I will probably teach this again either back at home or at the conference in Manassas next month.

The sessions were not only taped but also recorded on video. I will probably post them on the web site for you to download and/or watch online, once we get home. Right now we are somewhere east of California and will not be home until Thursday evening. I then have meetings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (a.m. and p.m.), so I will find it difficult to get to the office at all before Monday.

After the conference ended Sunday afternoon, we drove to Sacramento to stay the night with friends, and then 10 of us went to the Rubicon River to declare the beginning of our trip to Washington D.C. (i.e., Manassas, VA conference, which is located just outside of D.C.). The Rubicon is located just off Hwy. 49, which is a number associated with the Jubilee.

We discerned that the two conferences, San Jose and Manassas, are connected as a two-step process. We had to go to San Jose in order to begin a cross-country trip to Washington D.C. San Jose was, in effect, the beginning of a month of spiritual warfare that will end in the American Rome (Washington D.C.).

There are at least two historical patterns that we are following. The first is the Apostle Paul's trip to Rome in the book of Acts. In the final part of his trip to Rome, he traveled on the ship "Castor and Pollux" (Acts 28:11). These are the "twins" in the heavens. And so, of course, we are on a trip to the Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis), where we will begin the last half of our trip to Manassas in early April.

The second historical pattern was when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon in 49 B.C. to take Rome. (Note the 49 again.) It was unlawful in those days for a Roman general, assigned to the northern territories, to cross the Rubicon River into Italy without express permission from Rome. So when Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he told his troops, "the die is cast." They all knew that they had to succeed in taking Rome, or else they would all be executed for treason. Hence, "crossing the Rubicon" has become a saying that indicates "the point of no return."

As I have written in the past, Washington D.C. is the American Rome. In the original title deed to that location, it was called Rome, and the owner on the deed was named Pope. Even the small inlet was called the Tiber to identify it with Rome.

It happens that there is a Rubicon River in northern California not far from Sacramento that runs into the American River. We were led to go to that spot where the Rubicon joins the American River and symbolically "cross the Rubicon."

There were 7 men and 3 women who came along, an interesting split which is often seen in the Scriptures. Job had 7 sons and 3 daughters (Job 1:2). Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines  (1 Kings 11:3). There were 700 men of Benjamin who could sling stones and not miss (Judges 20:16), and 300 in Gideon's army (Judges 7:16).

Also, before Saul was crowned king, he spent 3 days looking for his father's donkeys (1 Sam. 9:20), followed by 7 days while Samuel made peace offerings and burnt offerings (1 Sam. 10:8). Saul was then crowned on the day of wheat harvest (1 Sam. 12:17), which is Pentecost.

In the New Testament, Jesus ascended on the 40th day after His resurrection (Acts 1:3) and told the disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the promise of the Father. The Holy Spirit was then given 10 days later on Pentecost. I believe that this time was divided into 3 +7, according to the pattern off King Saul's coronation. It probably took 3 days to gather the Father's "donkeys" (potential Pentecostals) into the upper room, and then it took 7 days to come into one accord--the result of prayer, making spiritual peace offerings to come into unity.

So the fact that 7 men and 3 women crossed the Rubicon indicates that we have begun the trip to Washington to receive the promise of the Father on some level.

There were other revelations, which we may discuss later, the most significant coming from our friend Joshua. He was obviously a type of Christ in this picture with the lead revelation that spoke of the second work of Christ. For now, it is enough to know that this time of spiritual warfare has to do with the second work of Christ and the repair of the breach between Judah and Joseph (Ezekiel 37:19).

The biblical Joshua was of the tribe of Ephraim (Joseph), but when Joshua-Jesus came the first time, he came of the tribe of Judah. It is only in His second appearance that He comes as Joseph, but in so doing, He also unites the two sticks into one. Yet Gen. 49:10 indicates that His second appearance (as "Shiloh") takes the crown from Judah and gives it to Joseph. Judah was to hold the scepter UNTIL Shiloh came.

There are three conferences to be held at Manassas, VA. The first was last year (April 10-12, 2009). The second is coming up on April 2-4, 2010. The third will be next September.  These correspond to the three times that the daughters of Zelophehad (of the tribe of Manasseh) are mentioned in Scripture in regard to their inheritance.

There are so many themes going on with this trip (from San Jose to Manassas) that it is virtually impossible to tell it all here, at least not in a single weblog. I will share more in the next few weeks. But I do want to mention one further detail. My friend, Rafael Soler, came to the meetings and even agreed to speak briefly (10 minutes) to the group. He and others from his church in Redwood City were the ones who crossed the Golden Gate Bridge with me in July 2000 to "inspect the gate" after we repaired the breach in the prayer wall around America.

Ten years ago we understood that his name was prophetic of healing the breach, because Raphael means "God heals." Recall that Yahweh-Rapha means "I am the Lord that healeth thee." That was 10 years ago, and so now we are seeing the next phase manifested according to the Hezekiah cycle (10 years). His presence confirmed the present work of healing of the breach between Judah and Joseph.

And so, while the schedule is packed, and we have much work to do in the next month, we are also very encouraged at this next step in the progression of the Kingdom.

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