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Anubis Arrives in America

Mar 25, 2010

Anubis is an old Egyptian god of the dead who presided over mummification and the afterlife. He was pictured as a black dog. His home town where he was worshipped was Cynopolis, "City of the dog." (Today we might spell it as Sin-opolis, or Sin City.)


It appears that on March 23, 2010 Anubis finally arrived at his home town--New York City.


It was the same day that the Health Care bill was passed. Perhaps he came to personally oversee the start of the mummification of America via the so-called Health Care bill. This bill is not so much about providing health care to those who need it, as it is to take control over who should get health care and who should not.

It claims to provide universal health insurance for all (except illegal aliens), but in fact all it really does is force the needy to buy health care insurance or pay a fine. The trade-off is that the insurance companies won't be able to refuse coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. (I suspect, though, they they will be able to make them pay higher premiums.)

/For the record, I am not against universal health care itself. I question the real motives of those who actually wrote the bill and hired the president to push for its passage. President Obama did not write this bill, and I seriously doubt if he has taken the time to read it through. Many people seem to think that after he was elected, he sat down one evening at the computer and typed up the Health Care bill. No, it was already pre-written long before he came to office.

In my view, every bill that is introduced in Congress ought to be signed by the ones who wrote the bill, along with the names of those who paid them to write it. Then and only then would we be able to figure out the real motives of those who write our laws and who would benefit from the passage of those laws. As it stands today, our laws are written by people in hiding and paid for by mysterious men or corporations who intend to make big profits on each bill that they can get passed.

In the case of the Health Care bill, I suspect that its passage is a political indication of the arrival of a new god coming into America--Anubis, the dog. We need a prayer campaign to get rid of him, dog-gone it!

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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