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The Two Sticks Joined February 20-21

Feb 23, 2010

On January 29, 2010 I wrote a weblog telling the story of Aaron's rod that budded almonds and how this was the pattern of events on Feb. 21, 2001. I wrote that we appeared to be repeating this pattern of 2001 in some way, and that the 7th sign of Elisha (dealing with his staff) would be in two parts.

The first part was fulfilled January 27, the second would be fulfilled Feb. 21st.

These signs almost always involve other people, in order to provide a double witness of all things. That way no one is forced to take my word for it, because I can always refer questioners to those other witnesses who took an active role in the events.

Anyway, this second part of Sign #7 was fulfilled in California without any help from me, other than providing some revelation that helped explain the event. This came from Bob, not the "California Bob" who was mentioned in my report on January 29, but another California Bob from Fresno.

Dear Dr. Jones,

I want to share with you what I was led to do on Sunday, Feb. 21st. First, maybe a little background would help here. I was a Pastor of a large church in Selma, CA and was really seeking God for all that He had for me. I came in contact with a ministry that came out of the Latter Rain movement, that was teaching what they called "Apostolic Order." This was an awakening for me. For the first time I realized I was a three-part being having a spirit, soul, and body. My denomination had a dualistic approach, lumping the spirit and soul into one entity.

This ministry taught me the order of my self, the order of a home, and the order of a church. I saw that most all were out of order in relationship to God's word. This was the beginning of the end of my Pastor position in the denomination. My denomination did not approve of this kind of teaching, so I resigned and had a church of over 400 people follow me.

I really did not know what to do, so I submitted myself and this new ministry to this apostolic ministry. This occurred in 1986. In submitting this new work, I soon found that I wasn't much different from the denomination. There was still the control and also a lot of abuse of spiritual authority. This resulted in my fall from the ministry altogether, and I soon found myself at 40 years old with the loss of most everything I had. The one thing that stayed intact was my family--my wife and two daughters.

I was out of the ministry and was doing whatever I could to survive. This continued until 1992. In 1992 a local ministry in the city I was now living in (Fresno) found out that I was here and invited me to come to church. I really did not want any part of Christianity at this point, but through a series of events, I consented to attend. A long story ensued, and on the first Tuesday of November I was elected as their Pastor on the same day that Bill Clinton was elected President.

This organization did not come to install me, as this was a small work, and not a prominent church that was recognized by the organization. So I was never legally installed. I believe this put me on the same time schedule as the inauguration of Bill Clinton in January of 1993.

I have learned from reading your time understanding that I came out of Pentecost in 1986, but it was in fact too early for a Tabernacles work to be established. So I spent 7 years in a wilderness of hurt, and pain, and loss. Now I understand why. And in 1993 it was a legal time for the work that I am now at to begin.

I saw the first work of 1986 as a death work, and recently I saw that as I came out, I did what the Latter Rain did in 1948, in acknowledging the Israeli state. I saw for a brief moment I had become a part of the Birthright, but quickly gave it to the Latter Rain. The ministry of the origin of the Latter Rain has continued to hold my Birthright since 1986. Even as the establishment of the new work in 1993 took root, it has not produced the fruit of the Kingdom but has remained in a hidden state (Joseph).

This is why 2010 is so important to me. When you wrote about Darius being about 62 years old when he was given the kingdom from Babylon, it was like an explosion going off in me. You see, I am currently 62 years old. I saw that this was now the time that I was going to be legally freed from the Latter Rain ministry, even though I have not been a physical part of them for the past 22 years. [1988]

I had called the new work in 1986 the Foundational Stone Church. I see it as a foundation that relates to the foundation of Solomon's Temple.

[NOTE: The foundation of the Second Temple was laid in 534 B.C. By the 2,520-year cycle, we saw a repeat of this in 1986-87, which was the year of the 120th Jubilee from Adam. I personally received a revelation on Dec. 18, 1986 saying, "A sure foundation is laid this night." At the time, I knew nothing of the prophetic significance of 1986-87.

1986 was also 38 years after 1948, and overlays the 38 years from the time of the 12 spies to the entry into Canaan. See Deut. 2:14.]

And I see that this year of 2010 has a very unique relationship to that foundation. I had been ashamed of that work, for it seemed to me to be a failure. Now I know it was a successful failure, even as the first work of Christ. I am no longer ashamed of what God did in laying a foundation of the first work in my heart. I don't think He will ever resurrect it physically, for I believe the second work is completely different from that of the first work. I am looking for an entirely different work.

Recently, I came across a website of Ezekiel's walking stick. This man makes staves that are out of two pieces of wood, according to Ezekiel 37. The moment I saw it, I knew I was to obtain one. I obtained one out of ash wood, which is the Spanish name for Fresno. I also found that ash is in the family of the olive tree. I had faith that it would arrive before the 21st of February. I believe a series of miracles enabled me to receive the staff on Saturday the 20th at 12:00 noon.

[NOTE: The 2001 pattern for the staff ended at noon on Feb. 21st. This appears to have been modified by a day to accommodate the delivery system, which was probably closed on Sunday the 21st.]

You know more than I do about the significance of this staff being taught and shared on Feb. 21st at our gathering. I saw that this was bringing together the year 1986 with 2010. I also saw that this was transferring the true authority from the apostolic work of the Latter Rain to the true apostolic work of the Two Witnesses.

I really believe that in representation of these Two Witnesses, by extension of Elijah to Elisha, that this staff is the representation of Elisha's staff. I also see that being it is one piece out of two pieces of wood, that it is in effect the staff of both of the witnesses in one. I sense an apostolic work is now legal to be ministered that has to do with the feast of Tabernacles, that goes beyond the apostolic work of the Latter Rain. . . .

God Bless you.

Bob P.

[NOTE: So we see that Bob's life has been tracking with the overall revelation for many years, but only recently did he begin to understand it. Many people have told me their own stories of how their lives were affected by the changes and progressions of the Big Picture. It is good to see this, because it provides me with many witnesses to the times in which we live.

And more specifically, God has worked through California Bob2 to show us that the patterns of 2001 are recycling in a new way in 2010.]

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