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The Covenant with Death Annulled

Feb 04, 2010

The overthrow of the golden calves on March 24, 2001 was actually a DIVORCE from America's oppressive husband--the false gods. Our revelation at the time was this:

"America's Princes were her lovers and husbands. Once they were overthrown on March 24, you should consider America to be divorced from these false gods."

We then were given to know that we were to conduct another prayer campaign on June 19, 2001 for the purpose of calling America to accept a New Covenant marriage proposal from Jesus Christ. This was to be accepted by whoever responded to the call, and they were acting on behalf of America itself.

Could we do this legally? Yes, because it was based upon the full transfer of authority that had occurred a few months earlier on Nov. 30, 2000. That date, you may recall was the end of the 7-1/2 year transition from Saul to David. That time cycle began with the death of "Saul" on May 30, 1993, the 40th Jubilee of the Church under Pentecost. According to 2 Sam. 5:5, David was made king over one tribe for 7-1/2 years and then received the full authority over all Israel.

Allow me to digress for one moment. As a Bible teacher, I consider Bible study to be extremely important. In our Heavenly Elementary School, we learn the Bible stories. In our Heavenly High School, we learn the meaning of those stories. Somewhere in here, we also learn to hear His voice, so that we can be led by the Spirit in all things. In our Heavenly University, we learn the mind of God and His Plan for the earth, in preparation for heavenly employment as Effective Apostles who are sent out to put all things under the feet of Christ.

But the purpose of learning all of these things is not simply to remain in school forever. The purpose of learning is to actually DO THE WORK OF MINISTRY. Part of that work is to teach others, of course, because the next generation of "students" need to be trained in spiritual things. However, at some point one must actually APPLY these teachings in the real world in order to build the Kingdom of God.

So when I speak of conducting spiritual warfare, this is the "Applied Bible." There is little point in memorizing the Bible if it is never really applied in a practical sense. Many limit their application to personal, internal character development but lack the broader vision of the divine Plan for Creation as a whole.

I first began to teach about these things in 1985 to just a small group of people in Arkansas. In 1994 I expanded this to a special mailing list, which grew without advertisement. Then in 2005 I began to share these things with the public at large, both by newsletters and by these web logs.

I have always been reluctant to share these things with the general public, first because I needed some years of experience to be able to "prove all things." Secondly, I did not want to deal with either the nay-sayers nor the god-makers, who would either debunk me or put me on a pedestal. But in the end, as we began to approach the critical closing days of this age, it became needful to teach these things, so that more of you could share in establishing the Divine Plan on the earth.

I know that many of these things are quite different from what you have heard or been taught in the church. That is because I did not learn these things in the church. God took me out of the church (organization) in 1981 in order to train me in the wilderness, so that I could later return to the church world with a fresh vision and Word for whoever will listen. (See my book, The Purpose of the Wilderness.)

My secondary goal is to train people in other countries to do intercession and spiritual warfare in their own nations. Up to now, my primary mission has been in my own country. When I have gone to Canada, God has always required the authority of Canadians to do the work. I have always needed their agreement in order to have authority in Canada.

This is changing, however. In the year 2005 Jackie in Canada was led to give me a "skeleton key," which is a key that opens all doors. We discerned then that the day would come when God would open the doors of all nations and commission us to go out with international spiritual authority. But so far we have not yet come to that place. When the time comes, I believe that I (and others) will do much more international travel.

So that is a glimpse of the big picture and the end of my digression.

On March 29, 2001, shortly after the "divorce" from the golden calves, I asked for more details about the prayer "God bless America." He said this:

"As you do so, the blessing of Genesis 12:3 promised to Abraham is applicable. The blessing is fulfilled when I turn every one from their iniquity. America will be turned from her iniquity. It is My intent to make America a glorious Bride that reflects My glory."

Then another question came up, which I found curious. We were instructed to launch a pre-emptive strike against four "powers" at Corpus Christi on April 23-24 (2001). The purpose of this battle was to "disinherit the children" of the seven princes that we had just overthrown. In some sense, while America was cohabiting with the seven princes (golden calves), there were unholy "children" produced from that spiritual relationship.

These illegitimate "children" were trying to lay claim to the Inheritance (Birthright). I do not have a full understanding of this, but we had to issue an "annulment" of the previous unholy marriage relationship in order to disinherit those "children." A mere divorce would not legally disinherit the children, so it required further action. We were given to know that this was the "Covenant with death" mentioned in Isaiah 28:15.

(15) Because you have said, "We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have made a pact, the overwhelming scourge will not reach us when it passes by, for we have made falsehood our refuge and we have concealed ourselves by deception."

God's answer is in verses 17 and 18,

(17) . . . Then hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the secret place. (18) And your covenant with death shall be anulled. . .

These verses were applicable in in 2001 to the marriage covenant between Israel and the golden calves. So we were led to speak the decree on behalf of the Divine Court to annul this covenant with death. We took the four powers captive and replaced them with:

1. The Angel of Assignment (who brings people fully into their callings)
2. The Angel of Belief (who assists people in believing and appropriating that which has been established)
3. The Angel of Mentoring (who empowers teaching and demonstrating the life of Christ and manifesting His glory)
4. The Angel of Support (who gives godly support to the children of promise to walk worthy of their calling)

Watch August 14, 2010 for possible evidence of this "hail" of Truth that sweeps away the refuge of lies. Recall the hailstorm on August 14, 2000, which I wrote about recently.

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