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The Beekeeper

Feb 01, 2010

The article that I posted on January 27 tells of the Polish Beekeeper named Josef who came back to life while in his coffin. He was 76 years old. We were, of course, looking for a sign of resurrection on January 27, or possibly the 26th (which was the 76th day from Nov. 12).

I thought it might be helpful to give a few thoughts in regard to this event.

In Judges 4 and 5 we are told how God put Israel into captivity to the Canaanites because of their idolatry and rebellion against the Covenant. When Israel finally repented, God raised up a judge named Barak. In fact, it was Deborah, the prophetess, who sent for Barak and gave him the revelation that he was called to deliver Israel (Judg. 4:6).

Deborah's name means "bee," so that makes Barak the "beekeeper."

It looks as if our President may be about to rise up from the coffin and leave the place of the skull and bones. Watch for significant changes to take place perhaps this year in the White House.

The book of Genesis ends with Joseph's bones being "placed in a coffin in Egypt." Recall that last September the Egyptian museum broke the story that coins had been found in a box in Egypt portraying Joseph's image on one side, and a cow and wheat on the other side. We saw this as a sign of Joseph being found. Now in last week's article we see Josef rising up from his coffin.

There are many themes being played out here as we come into 2010. While many oppose the President's politics, keep in mind that this is beyond politics. God has always used the most unlikely people as types and signs. Cyrus was a "messiah" (Is. 45:1). Joseph was a type of Christ as well, making Pharaoh a type of the Father. God does not feel "tainted" at all by such identifications with sinful flesh.

It's all part of the proof that God is really sovereign and can work His will in unbelievers as easily as in the believers.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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