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The 12 Staves and the Aftermath

Feb 02, 2010

I wrote last week about the challenge received by mail on January 29, 2001. At the time, we saw this to be similar in pattern to the challenge of authority in the days of Moses, where God instructed all of the princes of the tribes to lay up their staves in the tabernacle and wait for God's Supreme Court ruling.

So this is what we did on Feb. 2, 2001, precisely nine years ago today. The actual petition was drawn up by California Bob. In part, the petition read as follows:

"These rods are to be laid up in the tabernacle of the congregation before the testimony where You will meet with us. These rods to be presented are actually our bodies, our lives, with your laws written upon our hearts, being laid up in the tabernacle of witness freely with no malice or intent other than to do as we see You do. And You will choose these rods that will blossom and will also cease the murmurings of Your children against those whose rods bud, bloom blossom, and yield almonds."

You should know, of course, that there were no literal staves laid up anywhere. This was all done on a spiritual level, because as believers, we are the staves in the hand of God. Ultimately, no staff has the right to be called a staff which does not "bring forth almonds." Almonds indicate an AWAKENING, because they were the first tree in the Spring to bring forth fruit.

Eyes are shaped like almonds also, and so the Hebrew letter ayin was originally shaped like an almond with a "dot" (pupil) in the middle. Our English word "eye" comes from this Hebrew letter. The Hebrew word for almonds is shakad, "to be sleepless; watchful." Hence, when God showed Jeremiah an almond tree (Jer. 1:11, 12), the revelation was: "You have seen well, for I am WATCHING over My word to perform it."

God is the original Watcher, but as we function on earth as the Body of Christ, we too are Watchers (mentioned in Dan. 4:13, 23). Those "Watchers" are the ones who cut down the great "tree" of Babylon. In that same sense, when we engaged in spiritual warfare against Babylon in 1993, we saw a repeat pattern of Daniel 4 play out the following year. This showed us that we were functioning as "watchers" on earth, and the angelic Watchers did their work through us.

That story is told in chapters 10 and 12 of my book, The Wars of the Lord, posted online or available in print.

Anyway, it was revealed in 2001 that there were 12 staves laid up in God's Temple in heaven representing the Overcomers. Not all of them had yet matured, and so not all would (at that time) bring forth almonds. The Father revealed that in 2001 only 31 percent of the living overcomers were functioning in their actual callings, even though legally speaking, God had given them the full authority on Nov. 30, 2000. I wrote in a report back then,

"I suspect that as time passes we will see these percentages increase, and when we come to 100% of the overcomers in their actual callings, their collective authority as a body will have reached its peak."

We also related these 12 staves to the 12 gates around spiritual America. These are the gates in the wall of protection around the nation, built stone by stone by those who have prayed and interceded for the nation since its beginning. Each of these gates has its purpose and meaning and is a study in itself, but they are revealed to be:

West Gates:
1. Seattle
2. San Francisco
3. San Diego

South Gates:
1. Las Cruces
2. Corpus Christi
3. Pensacola

East Gates:
1. Miami
2. Washington D.C.
3. Boston

North Gates:
1. Billings, MT
2. Minneapolis
3. Syracuse, NY

For purposes of revelation, I know that other people have received slightly different revelations about the 12 gates in different cities. I have found that there are multiple layers of revelation, depending on the types of ministries that God has raised up. In the end, they all overlay upon each other, and each has its unique revelation of truth.

I know there are "gatekeepers" in each area in or around these cities. Others are watchmen on the walls. Others have different duties around the country. As for other nations, I assume that similar walls and gates have been built, which indicate divine protection. Many walls, however, have fallen into disrepair and ruin, allowing adverse spiritual forces to enter at will to destroy and lay the countryside waste.

In 1981 the wall of America was breached at San Francisco, and this is what started the prayer campaign of November 12, 1981. That began the original 76-day pattern from Nov. 12, 1981 to January 27, 1982. You will recognize those dates now, because the present 76-day periods are the same in 2009-2010.

We did not complete the work of repairing the breach in the wall at San Francisco until July 15, 2000. The following day, eight of us "inspected" the Golden Gate Bride by walking across it and back. A year later we concluded the series of battles that had begun with the challenge of authority on January 29, 2001.

The story of the staves being laid up in February of 2001 ended with God's confirmation that the Overcomers were truly given the authority of David. The opposition, however, refused to comply with the Supreme Court ruling, and so we fought a series of spiritual battles from Feb. 26 to July 15-16, 2001.

These battles properly began with "all-out war" on Monday, February 26, 2001. I was in Seattle for this two-day warfare against Beelzebub and the Prince of Revenge. (These were two of the seven princes over America represented by the golden calves.) After this first battle, I flew back to Minneapolis on the 27th. The next day I called California Bob, and we prayed in agreement to replace the overthrown princes with the Spirits of God: Joy and Peace.

About 22 minutes later, Seattle was struck by a 6.8 Richter earthquake that cracked the Capitol Dome in Olympia, WA. This was done by the Prince of Revenge, which sought "revenge" for being overthrown. (This is probably not much different from what occurred in Haiti recently.) In praying further about this earthquake, the Father told us:

"The Capitol dome in Olympia is connected spiritually to the Capitol dome in Washington D.C. Its crack in Olympia signifies what is about to happen in Washington D.C., for it represents the overthrow of the false [Greek] gods of Olympia and the later Roman gods portrayed in the Capitol dome in Washington D.C."

Washington State has always been a type of Washington D.C. What happens in Washington State is a prophetic sign of what will shortly happen in Washington D.C. Our Babylonian god-kings, those hidden rulers of this world order, call themselves "Olympians." I find it interesting that there is a movie coming out shortly about, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians--the Lightning Thief."


Jackson is Jacob's Son (Joseph). Since the Hebrew word for "lightning" is BARAK, I am interested in seeing how this movie may prophesy--intentionally or otherwise. It is said to be a story of a boy who gets caught up in the battle of the "gods" (i.e., Olympians). Our Babylonian god-kings call themselves "Olympians." So this could prove interesting, especially since the Seattle quake occurred 22 minutes after our decree. 22 is the number of Light (Sons of Light). It cracked the dome in Olympia, WA.

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