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San Jose Conference--Updates and Details

Feb 19, 2010

Fran Fisher will be sharing at the "Joseph Conference" in San Jose (March 5-7). She has some very interesting new health-related material to share and will also be bringing some of her books for people to buy.

Fran was at the conference last April in Manassas and then spoke more extensively at the Sweetwater conference in October. She will probably have a lot to say in regard to The Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Nelson. I highly recommend that you watch the following 9-minute U-Tube video of Dr. Nelson's grandson named Bronson, who was found drowned in the bath tub. He was dead on arrival at the hospital on January 30, 2010, with no brain or heart activity. On Feb. 13 this same baby walked out of the hospital on his own. His story was posted on February 14. See this miracle baby's story on video at:


I'm sure Fran will have much more to say about this.

On another note, during our Joseph Conference, the Radisson Hotel is offering our guests a $3 Continental Breakfast special. If you want to participate, call the hotel by March 2nd so that the kitchen can plan accordingly. The hotel rate will then be adjusted from $81/day to $84/day.

The hotel contact is Didi Sarkis and she can be reached Mon-Fri, 9-5 PST at 408-452-0200 ext. 4010.

Otherwise, everything is on target as planned.  Normally check-in time is at 3 PM, but Didi said to not be concerned with that, if anyone needs to arrive sooner, even 1 PM will be OK.  Our Hospitality Room  will be available starting at 2 PM. I plan to be there early as well, so if anyone comes that early, they won't feel like the Lone Ranger. 

Some people who are driving in, may want to consider ARRIVING by 3-3:30 so that they don't get caught in some pretty heavy Bay Area commuter traffic, ESPECIALLY on a Friday afternoon, as EVERYONE is trying to get off work as early as possible, The Hospitality Room should provide a nice place to relax and mingle.

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