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Feb 28, 2010

Tomorrow morning we plan to start our trip to California for the Joseph Conference in San Jose next week end.

So once again I will miss some weblogs in the next ten or twelve days. But I will be taking my laptop with me, so I may be able to write some articles during the evenings whenever we stop at motels.

By the way, we now have 20 of my books translated into Spanish, and these are available in print with nice covers on them. We worked hard this past week to put these into print. I will be bringing some of each of these to California.

Special thanks to our friend in an Arkansas prison who has done much of the Spanish translation work. He truly has a Prison Ministry. He has, in fact, translated the text of Secrets of Time into Spanish, but because of the many charts, this will take some time and expertise to finish.

We also have two books in Russian now, with more on the way, and one in Romanian. Our friends from Holland have translated quite a few books into Dutch also. If I recall, I think we have three books in French. Some of these can now be viewed on my web site in the Books section. Others will be posted shortly.

I am thankful that God has raised up bi-lingual friends who have the vision to do this work on behalf of their own language group. I have long believed that God is preparing us to go out to other nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom. All of this translation work, done by many co-workers, is part of the preparation, which will give us valuable tools to use at that time.

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