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Lindsey Williams Transcript of Main Points

Feb 04, 2010

I mentioned Lindsey Williams earlier, telling about his conversation with one of "the elite" rulers of this world system. Williams has about 7 DVD's to offer. He is quite wordy and spends more time telling you what he is about to say than actually telling you the information. So for those of you who do not have time to listen to it all, the following is a transcript of the main points, thanks to someone who sent it to me by email. I made a few additions and alterations of my own . . .

Keep in mind that Pastor Williams is apparently unaware of the spiritual warfare that has occurred over the years to overthrow these Babylonian rulers and prevent their plans from coming to fruition. There are already powerful forces in the world (earthly powers) opposing this Babylonian plan. I call them "the kings of the east." God is using them, even as He used Medo-Persia in Daniel's day to overthrow Babylon.

Lindsey Williams -

Last few weeks - what are elitist going to do in 2010.

An 87 year old elitist and this man is not well, he knows the graveyard is out there.

Tell them everything, talked to him a few hours ago.

Everyone wants to know the future, directly from the source of the elite.

What he talked about, the necessities of life.

There will be no shortage of food & water! But you will not be able to buy it!

2010 - You may go hungry because you won’t be able to buy it.

You will loose 30-50% of the value of your money in 12 months.

Dollar will be dead in 2012, 30-50% of the value of your money. They don’t want to go too fast, but to "boil the frog" slowly"  to keep people from jumping out of the saddle.

He went back to gold & silver, elitist are in gold & silver - not paper.  "Gold and silver is OUR MONEY; We know paper is worthless."

They don’t care about the USA.

Crude Oil - it went from $147 to $50 a barrel in four months shortly after my "elite" friend said it would. Everyone thought I was crazy, but it happened.

Where is it going NOW? It will remain between $50 and $70 a barrel in terms of the dollar. If the price seems to be higher, it is because the dollar is weaker and has less purchasing power.

As the value goes down, they will allow OPEC the purchasing power to go to $100, probably 50% more than we are paying right now. Watch the progression, and you will know by that what they are up to. From $2.50 to $5.00 a gallon, due to deterioration of the dollar.

Derivatives - Dubai World defaulted over $80 billion, can’t pay them. Dubai is the main derivatives center of the world. When they defaulted, it affected trillions of dollars of derivatives and not just $80 billion. 

Taking oil to $50 in order to bankrupt the Arabs. Dubai World - derivatives. Don’t trust any of these instruments. They did it on purpose to bring world to the condition that it is now in, and how complicated. Get out of paper, and get into tangibles! Paper assets will be worthless in the end.

The "elite" friend is 87 years of age and soon to go to the hospital to have an operation. He said I’m too old to care, just tell them everything!

Derivatives has put the worlds banking system where it could collapse any minute.

War: There will be no war with Iran for at least a year or year & half, unless the Israelis start one. But war is planned after two years.

Give me 7 buzz words. You remember was to listen to their buzz words.

1. Oil is priced in dollars! Watch the dollar and you will know by its decline. . .

2.. Financial deficits spending is awash in spending. Don’t trust paper! Get out of paper!!

Gold, Silver & property, etc.

3. The Health Bill is Government takeover of the entire health care system so that all practitioners will end up working for the government! This is not a health bill, it is a total takeover. Includes Gun confiscation, chips, etc. Read the fine print!  

4. Afghanistan, etc. Only Sabre rattling. It's really about Drugs!

5. The Chinese are the strong ones, America soon to be relegated to 3rd world status.

6. The prices are going up, better buy it right now if you need it. By end of year, inflation!

7. Inflation will be huge, no turn-around any time soon. They want the world to come to the position to where they are taking it. What have they to gain, every thing, they will own everything. Any mortgage you cannot pay, they will come take it. We will become a nation of renters, because they will own most of the property by foreclosure.

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