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Fun with the Superbowl

Feb 08, 2010

Before the kickoff to the Superbowl, the sports commentator said this about the Saints:

"This is like a Rebirth, a Restoration, even a Resurrection."

So the winning score was 31, which is the number of "Offspring." It is indeed a rebirth, not only of New Orleans and its team, but also of the Saints of the Most High.

Both quarterbacks are Christian believers, so I can imagine that God had a hard time choosing sides!

The Colts could represent either the White Horse company, or the horses of Egypt (Isaiah 31:1)

The New Orleans could represent either the Saints or "that great city," Babylon/Nineveh.

So before the game, I thought it would be a win-win situation, regardless. But the commentator's words proved to be prophetic. And once again, the numbers on the quarterbacks also seemed to hint of the outcome. The Saints' number was 9, associated with the gifts and fruit of the Spirit (the Brees of the Spirit). The Colts' number was 18, which is "oppression/bondage."

I find the final score to be interesting. Obviously, 31 is about "offspring." But the Colts scored 17, which is "Victory." So they won even by losing.

This reminds me of the two Brides: Sarah and Hagar. Sarah is the freewoman who brings forth the Promised Seed. Hagar is the bondwoman. There are two primary applications of this. The Old Covenant is Hagar, while the New Covenant is Sarah (Gal. 4:24). In that application, it refers to Old and New Jerusalem as well.

The second application is between the Church and the Overcomers. Both are believers, but one has reverted to Old Covenant methods, while the other presses on into the New Covenant. I have written of this many times in the past, so I won't devote more time on it here. But it is the difference between Saul and David, between Ishmael and Isaac, or Leah and Rachel.

As long as there is competition for the Birthright between these two factions, neither side is able to fulfill the calling. It requires a judicial decision from the Divine Court to "justify" one side or the other. When the Court justifies (rules in favor of) the Overcomers, the Overcomers are then put into a position to be able to help the rest of the people to attain the full promise of God for themselves.

So to me, this Superbowl was a prophetic picture of the Church and the Overcomers competing for the Birthright, which involves the rebirth, restoration, and resurrection. In other words, the manifestation of the sons of God. The Overcomers score 31 ("Offspring"), and at the same time, the Church wins by losing (17).

It really is a win-win situation.

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