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Drinking in the Assyrian god Nisroch

Feb 16, 2010

Powerade is now marketing a new energy drink called Nisroch, named after a long-forgotten Assyrian god of agriculture. Is this really benign, or is it a way to market the spirit of a false god to the unsuspecting public? Is this just "business," or is the business covering up a religious agenda?

It's probably as "harmless" as a ouiga board.

You decide. I doubt that I will be drinking the stuff.


NEW YORK—Representatives from the sports drink manufacturer Powerade announced Wednesday that Nisroch, the ancient Assyrian god of agriculture, has been resurrected from the depths of Assyro-Babylonian mythology to serve as the key marketing figure for their newest product, Nisroch: Eagle Heart X-TREME WHIRLWIND!

According to Powerade executives, Nisroch, revered by ancient Assyrians for bringing rain to nourish their crops, will be used to represent such new product features as supernatural electrolyte replenishment and rapid liquid-energy delivery.

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