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Babylon's Failure and Responsibility--Part 5

Feb 15, 2010

In order for God to give justice to Esau, He had to make us as blind as Isaac, so that Esau could pretend to be Jacob and take the Birthright, along with its name, Israel. This was done by the "eye for an eye" law in Exodus 21:24. Just as Jacob had taken advantage of Isaac's blindness and pretended to be Esau to obtain the Birthright in Genesis 27, so also did Esau take advantage of "Isaac's" blindness in the 20th century, pretending to be Jacob.

The entire "blindness" theme in the Bible is rooted in the original pattern of Isaac's blindness. The "blind servant" sections of Isaiah are based upon the fact that Isaac was the son of Abraham who was placed on the altar in Gen. 22, dedicating him as God's servant. It was, in essence, the consecration of Isaac's descendants as "servant people." Isaac was blind for about half of his life, because God had purpose in this to establish a prophetic pattern for future generations.

This blindness also became a factor in fulfilling the pattern of Joseph, the true Birthright holder who was lost in Egypt and presumed to be dead for many years. His descendants of the northern tribes of Israel (including Ephraim and Manasseh) became the so-called "lost tribes of Israel" and were presumed to be "dead" and lost forever. Yet their restoration, Paul says, will be like life from the dead (Rom. 11:15).

It is not hard to find the physical descendants of those "lost tribes," if one cares to look at the historical evidence. But God blinded most people in order to fulfill the prophetic pattern that Joseph himself established in his personal life. And this is what allowed Esau to pretend to be the inheritor of the Birthright in 1948, taking upon himself the name of Israel that had been given to the sons of Joseph in Gen. 48:16.

It used to distress me that people could not see this, because it is so plain in Scripture. But then I realized that this blindness was of God, and no amount of Bible study, logic, or reasoning was going to change this until God brought about the conditions whereby Joseph would be found.

In 1948 God moved by His Spirit in a new way, and the so-called "Latter Rain" movement was initiated. It was prophesied on Feb. 11 or 12 and on Valentine's Day, February 14, 1948 the Spirit of God began to be poured out at Sharon Bible School in North Battleford, Sask. in Canada. In my view, this was the movement God raised up to represent the Church as a whole. On behalf of the Church, they identified closely with the newly-formed Israeli state. They believed that the Latter Rain movement represented the spiritual side of the "natural" Israeli state.

The bottom line is that while this movement was genuine, it also was raised up within the context of Church blindness ("Isaac"). Babylon's time had come, and God raised up the true Birthright holders to receive the "latter rain" of the Holy Spirit. They received the revelation of the manifestation of the Sons of God, the Feast of Tabernacles, and many other things which go with the Birthright.

But because they thought (at first) that Esau was Jacob, they gave away the Birthright to Esau. And so the Latter Rain movement was short-lived, and the truth became perverted. In other words, they believed that the time had arrived for the manifestation of the Sons of God, but not realizing that they had just given away the Birthright and its right to "manifest" as Sons of God, they continued to lay claim to the Birthright that was no longer theirs. In fact, it had been postponed so that Esau could have time to enjoy the Birthright and to see what he would do with it.

Thus, the manifestation of the Sons of God was postponed for a future time, in order to give Esau time to prove himself worthy or unworthy. The Latter-Rain movement, then, was left holding an empty bag. While their revelation of the manifested sons of God was true at its core, they were blind to the revelation of timing. Many were left thinking that they were NOW perfected sons of God. They attempted to hold on by faith, but the reality was evident to most other people that they differed little from the rest of the Church.

The question up to now has been this: How long will God give Esau to prove himself? Back in 1993 we took note that our Jubilee Prayer Campaign was 46 years after the Palestinian Resolution in 1947. The number 46 was the time frame of Herod's Temple in John 2:20. That was the first important endpoint. The next important date was the Israeli's Jubilee in 1998. (I may relate that story later.)

But when the Israeli state continued in its path of violence and Old Covenant patterns, the next date to consider was 2010. This is 62 years after the Israeli state was established, and also 62 years after the Latter Rain.

When Babylon fell to the Medes and Persians, we read the account in Daniel 5:31,

"So Darius the Mede received the kingdom at about the age of sixty-two."

We have pondered this verse for many years. Why would God include this "trivia" in the Scripture? We know that all Scripture is given for instruction, and that the only "trivia" is the material that we do not yet understand.

Beginning in 2009 we started seeing signs of the emergence of Joseph and the transfer of the Birthright to those who would actually fulfill its responsibility to manifest the Sons of God. So we knew that Esau's time was soon to end, and the true Joseph-Israelites would be "found" and would then be confirmed as the true Birthright holders.

Last September the "treasure" hidden in the field was found. At Passover last April (and again this coming April) we will be having a Bible conference in Manassas, VA. Last December we heard the promise of the Father that He was about to open the eyes and ears of the people--which would have the effect of removing the "blindness" from Isaac.

We also have been seeing signs of resurrection, which relates to Joseph who was thought to be "dead," but now is back from the dead.

Yesterday, on the 62nd anniversary of the Latter Rain, I was led to go back to the Church where I had been attending in the past two months. I was certain that I would hear the Word of the Lord that would either confirm or deny my discernment of the Latter Rain. To my delight, the preacher taught the people that "this is the year of manifestation." He spoke of this being the Year of Joseph. He gave practical instruction on what it means to live the life of Jesus Christ, to live according to the principles of the Birthright and act as if we are the Birthright holders.

I knew at that moment that the events of 1948 were being REVERSED in the Divine Court. Joseph had been found last September, blindness had been removed in December, resurrection had occurred in January, and now the Joseph company was receiving the Birthright.

This, of course, has been steadily emerging since last year. It is not happening all at once. But yesterday we reached another very important milestone that revealed the heart of the Father on Valentine's Day. We must still watch what happens February 21 and also at our "Joseph Conference" in San Jose on March 5-7, 2010.

We must also watch the Passover Conference April 2-4 in Manassas, VA. We must also watch the 62nd anniversary of the Israeli state on May 14, 2010. (By the Hebrew calendar, their Independence Day will be held on April 19, 2010, so this may also be a watch date.)

At this point, we know what we know, but we do not have the full picture. We must continue to be watchful so that we understand the revelation as it comes. We will know then what we must do in order to be in agreement with the Divine Plan.

This is the fifth part of a series titled "Babylon's Failure and Responsibility." To view all parts, click the link below.

Babylon's Failure and Responsibility

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