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The Death of Adam

Jan 26, 2010

Yesterday, Pernell Roberts died at the age of 81. He was the last surviving member of the "Bonanza" family in the television series from the 1960's. His screen name was ADAM.

Ron has said for years that when he dies, it will be a major sign that the old Adam has died and that we will be entering into an awesome time of resurrection.

Well, the third day from yesterday is tomorrow, January 27. It is the 76th day from the beginning of our current cycle (from Nov. 12). If you have followed these blogs, you know that this time period has been characterized largely by the theme, "Death and Resurrection."

Tomorrow we could see another significant sign of Resurrection. I am not suggesting, of course, that THE resurrection of the dead will occur. In fact, I am sure that will not happen, much as I would like to see it happen. It would be nice to see anyone raised from the dead literally, of course, but I have no revelation that this might occur either. But SOMETHING is being raised up. And since we are still in "pattern" times for the year 2010, it is important that we watch and see what God raises up tomorrow, and/or in the general time frame from January 27-30.

This is according to patterns seen in previous years going back to 1982.

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