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The 7th Sign--Part 2

Jan 30, 2010

We saw quite a number of good signs occur on or around January 27 recently, including Joseph being raised from the dead. There were others that I did not mention for various reasons. On the positive side are signs that God is raising up the overcomers for the work that is ahead. We really must have our Birthright in order to be equipped to do the work that is ahead. And on the "negative" side is the continuing fall of Babylon.

This is the equivalent of receiving "the promise of the fathers" on the day of Pentecost (Acts 6:26). The difference is that the Promise comes in two parts--the "earnest" at Pentecost, and the full promise at Tabernacles.

In a way, the 7th sign of Elisha is the same. The "staff" was first, followed by the full presence of Elisha. Part One was carried out by the servant, showing that Pentecost is associated with learning to be obedient as a good servant. The second part is completed by Elisha himself, representing Tabernacles, or the second work of Christ.

It is interesting that the mother of the dead boy refused to leave Elisha when Gehazi took the staff and ran ahead to do the Pentecostal work. I turned 60 yesterday and have six children, so I claim enough experience to know a little about mothers. If she had believed that the staff would raise up her son, she would have gone with him on her donkey (2 Kings 4:22). But she refused to leave Elisha (vs. 30).

She represents the overcomers (the Sarah bride) living in the era of Pentecost. It suggests that she had a Tabernacles vision, though riding the Pentecostal donkey. Her attitude is one of faith and patience. She had entered into a position of "rest," because when asked how she was doing, she said, "It is well" (4:23 and 26).

As I pointed out yesterday, the second part of this sign seems to point to February 21, 2010. However, you all know that one of the four spiritual laws says, "If it can happen later, it will." So keep in mind that January 27 ended the first of two 76-day periods.

Nov. 12 to January 27
January 27 to April 12

I do not know yet if we will see a replay of these signs in the second period of 76 days. There are always so many levels of meaning to the Father's revelation. In addition to what I wrote yesterday, we might have to look at this two-part sign as being fulfilled on April 12 (in addition to February 21). At this piont, I really do not know. That is why we are told to "watch."

Signs are designed to teach and confirm Truth prior to the actual event.

If we seek signs in order to BELIEVE, we have a problem. Signs should NOT be the basis of our faith or belief. Signs are teaching tools that give us further details, because we are to add virtue and knowledge to our faith (2 Peter 1:5). Signs should motivate us to "moral excellence" (NASB) and build upon our foundation of faith.

Another thing has been confirmed now that we have completed the first 76-day period. The year 2010 is the year in which we will begin to see nations fall. This is in accordance with Rev. 11:15, "The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ."

It is becoming quite clear that this is the year when God will use the Kings of the East to overthrow Babylon on the world scene. The second beast of Rev. 13 is falling. It is primarily the economic beast. Insofar as spiritual warfare is concerned, we completed our battle against Babylon on October 7, 2006. We began to see economic collapse within the year (2007). In 2008 the banking crisis occurred in September 2008.

Then in June 2009 we were sent on our Western trip to deal with the two "bears," which we identified with the two beasts of Rev. 13. The first beast was the occasion for the trip, but the second beast was the primary focus, since it has been the main power for the past 200 years. The overthrow of "Pan" last June set us up for the year 2010, when we will see the next step in this progression.

Even as God used King Cyrus of Persia to overthrow Babylon in ancient times, so also is God using Iran (Persia) and other Kings of the East to do the same with Mystery Babylon today. Babylon today has been ruled by the Illuminati, the so-called "enlightened ones," who think they are blessed with greater minds than the average person and therefore have the right to rule the rest of us as their slaves. But God has been raising up opposition to the Illuminati, primarily from Asia, and I believe that they are about to succeed.

Keep in mind the seven bowls of wine poured out on Babylon in Revelation 16. The sixth bowl of wine releases the Kings of the East (16:12), and the seventh is the fall of Babylon. Verse 21 tells us that Babylon is destroyed by HAIL.

In Biblical symbolism, hail represents TRUTH, because we read in Isaiah 28:17,

"And I will make justice the measuring line [plumb line], and righteousness the level; then HAIL shall sweep away the refuge of lies. . ."

Lies are swept away by the TRUTH. Babylon retains power by its refuge of lies. That is why the Bible calls it "Mystery" Babylon. It is secret and hidden from the average person, who does not even know that he is ruled by hidden masters. The average person thinks he is ruled by the one who is voted in as president, not realizing that hidden masters have gained control over the election process and we are only allowed to choose which of their servants we want to elect to the office of president.

This "refuge of lies" is about to be swept away.

Ten years ago, on August 14, 2000, as I was talking on the telephone with Ron, a huge hailstorm struck Ron's town. Some of the hailstones were larger than softballs or grapefruit. Though it was warm (summer), the front end loaders were still hauling off hailstones three days later to clear the streets!

We knew that we were going to see a hailstorm of TRUTH in the future. By the Hezekiah Factor (10 years), it is likely that we are now approaching the MOMENT OF TRUTH. Watch August of 2010 for the beginning of a Hailstorm of Truth.

This is the final part of a series titled "The 7th Sign." To view all parts, click the link below.

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