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Testimony of Death and Resurrection January 4th

Jan 12, 2010

Here is a testimony from a friend who sent this to me today:

I want to share my story with you. On January 1, 2010, at a New Year's service a word came forward stating that a woman at our ministry have the gift of healing. The woman in question was unable to attend the service in Illinois, therefore I had another woman stand in proxy for her. The word was actually delivered to the appropriate woman on Sunday the third.

On Monday the fourth of January during breakfast her 18 month (child) died. Or had symptons of death. The 18 month child's body was limp and lips were blue indicating lack of oxygen. (The sister is a CNA, she is familiar with the signs of death) The mother was unable to call for natural assistance at that time, so she begin to call on Jesus. A few seconds later some type of liquid matter oozed out her mouth, and life returned to her body. The 18 month old made a full recovery.

I failed to mention the child's name: "Faith Destiny."

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