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Supreme Court Ruling on Corporate Political Money

Jan 22, 2010

The Supreme Court has just ruled 5-4 that corporations should have equal rights to spend money on ads that benefit political candidates. They still don't have the right to give to a politician directly, but everyone knows that this is going to greatly increase the number of political advertisements.

This ruling overturns a century of laws that have safe-guarded the political process from becoming overly influenced by big money from corporations (and unions).

Corporations can be registered in America for a small fee, and then even if they are owned by foreigners, they now have a huge grip on the political process.

Secondly, corporations are fictitious entities, but are called "persons" in legalese. This is just about the most Fascistic development ever in American history, and if it is not curbed by other means, it will most certainly change the entire political process and make individual campaign contributions meaningless.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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