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Some Principles of Spiritual Warfare

Jan 15, 2010

When Jesus went into the high mountain to pray, He sent His disciples across the lake into the teeth of a storm.

This was prophetic of the tribulation and trials that would come upon the Church after His ascension to heaven.

This has continued to the present day in various degrees.

The solution is when He comes and gets into the boat. That is when the winds cease. He walked on the water to the boat as if there were no winds blowing and no waves bouncing Him around. He walked in a different dimension, and He was at peace and rest in the midst of the storm.

So are we, if we are in Him and walk as He walked. Peter went out to meet Him, and as long as his eyes were focused upon Jesus, he was able to walk in that same peace and rest. It was only when his eyes focused upon the storm that he walked in the natural and felt the action of the wind and waves.

We are on earth, but we are to walk by the spirit while on earth, so it is a strange combination of heaven and earth. It is not that we are supposed to be blind to the earthly storm, but that our focus is to be upon Jesus. We are to learn to walk in peace regardless of our circumstances that surround us.

When Jesus gets into the boat, the wind ceases, as far as the disciples were concerned (Mark 6:51).

This and other biblical examples show us that Jesus has authority over nature itself. Not only storms but earthquakes and tsunamis can be averted. I am not of the opinion that natural disasters are "normal." They only have that appearance, when one does not understand how spiritual things cause natural phenomena.

In short, lawlessness and curses are the cause of natural disasters as well as political and social upheavals. The general poverty of a nation also has spiritual causes. When we engage in spiritual warfare, science knows nothing about such things and would think us crazy. But I have seen many examples of natural disasters being caused by spiritual forces throughout the past 28 years of my own experience.

When God reveals that certain things are coming, we always have to determine if this is a call to action in order to prevent it from becoming a reality, or if it should be diverted to a remote area that will cause no harm, or if we should simply stay out of the danger zone.

The determining factor has a lot to do with higher things than we are incapable of determining by our own reason or even by our own biblical knowledge. When God judges nations, the judgment can be modified by intercession--if those intercessors are given the revelation necessary to do something about it. Sometimes they just don't hear the Lord's voice very well, or God simply withholds the revelation because the lawlessness is so great that it demands a certain penalty.

These are questions that science cannot answer. Science can only monitor the results and try to guess what might happen, based upon physical factors. That is their area of expertise. It is good, but it is also quite limited, because of its refusal to acknowledge a spiritual world or a higher Power.

I have spent many years in intercession and spiritual warfare to apply the Mercy Factor to the judgments of God, which most people view as mere "natural disasters." God set up His laws at the beginning (both natural and spiritual laws) by which the universe is run. When man is lawless, it triggers consequences according to these laws, and the whole earth groans in travail. Then when a disaster occurs, men like Keith Olbermann get angry at anyone suggesting an "interventionist God," as if God only does good things and cares nothing about man's lawless behavior.

He simply does not understand God and thinks God has a strict hands-off policy. Nothing could be further from the truth, but that is his religious view.

When I started getting the revelation of earthquakes (Dec. 31 blogs), I did not really know what to do with it. It was only after the Eureka quake that I was able to connect it to my 2006 trip to Eureka with the 1290-day time cycle. We learn a lot of things after the fact. And the Haiti quake was a surprise. Having only received a general revelation of coming earthquakes, it was not God's intent for us to do something to prevent these quakes.

I believe that in both cases (Eureka and Haiti) the quakes were actually the results of spiritual warfare that had been done earlier. The delayed effect is because spiritual time is not the same as earth time, yet is often connected by known prophetic time cycles. In such cases it is helpful to know the biblical meaning of numbers to make the connections.

I heard on the news this morning that former Haitian president Aristide is offering to return to Haiti from exile in South Africa. Looks like he hopes to regain control of the drug traffic again. But since he was the one who had declared Voodoo to be a recognized religion of Haiti in 2003, he is merely acting as the "voice" of the dark side that wants to regain its position of prominence on that island. In the link that I posted yesterday on the history of Haiti's pact with the devil, we read,

"Until recently, voodoo was practiced in secret. Practitioners would go to the Catholic Church on Sunday, and attend voodoo ceremonies deep in the woods at other times. Voodoo was forbidden during the colonial times, and the 32 Haitian governments that followed independence also suppressed the practice because of world condemnation. But on April 8, 2003, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide approved Voodoo as an officially recognized religion in Haiti (see links below). Voodoo priests can now perform marriages and other ceremonies previously reserved for Christian religions. "An ancestral religion, Voodoo is an essential part of national identity," Aristide said in the decree recognizing Voodoo. 

"Aristide has been a controversial figure since he became the first freely elected president in Haiti's history in 1991, 200 years after the nation was dedicated to Satan. A defrocked Catholic priest, Aristide was expelled in 1988 from his order, the Salesians. He was a hero of the resistance to Haitian tyranny, then president, then exiled, then restored to the presidency by his close friend, Bill Clinton. One of his first acts was to express his support for reinstating the Voodoo pact that expired the year he was elected. He claimed that Voodoo was the "national religion" of Haiti, and a source of national pride."

Aristide was elected president in 1991, precisely 200 years after this "pact with the devil" was made in 1791. The pact itself dedicated Haiti to the devil for 200 years, so it was important that Aristide be in power to renew it and allow that pact to continue.

But others who understood the problem went into spiritual warfare at the famous tree where this pact was made. The recent quake, I believe, was a delayed reaction to this event. In a similar manner, when Jesus died and rose from the dead, conquering death by spiritual warfare, there were earthquakes. It is a "natural" event that reflects spiritual events. It is one of the results of war, and so one may blame either side for it, depending upon one's point of view.

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