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San Jose Conference March 5-7, 2010

Jan 19, 2010

"The Joseph Conference"

March 5-7, 2010

Radisson Hotel San Jose Airport
1471 North 4th St.
San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: 408-452-0200

Time: Conference begins Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. and ends Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

We have 30 rooms reserved at their special rate of $81/night (normal rate is $129) for two days (Friday and Saturday nights). They would probably extend youi the same special rate if you decided to stay Sunday night as well. To get the group rate, tell them you are coming for the God's Kingdom Ministries conference.

Speakers are still being rounded up. Ron Oja is planning to come with me. Others are invited. Still others will be invited as soon I get my act together. You know how it is with us. The Father tends to pull together conferences at the last minute so that we don't have time to put our little plans in place. That way He is able to do it His way, while we run along behind him trying to keep up.

All of these conferences tend to have prophetic significance that reveal something about the divine plan in the big picture. This conference is in San Jose (Joseph). In the past year we have seen the prophetic focus shift to JOSEPH, as you know if you have kept up with our news. A year ago we met in Modesto, CA at the Clarion ("horn") at the beginning of the Year of the Ox. Joseph was symbolized by an Ox and his sons were prophesied to be two horns that would push the people to the ends of the earth (Deut. 33:17).

Then we met in Manassas, VA for Passover in April of last year. We will be meeting at the same Four Points Sheraton this coming April as well (April 2-4). This will be the double witness that establishes the removal of the prophetic "forgetfulness" of Manasseh (Gen. 41:51). The Joseph company on many levels are beginning to remember their father's house and rise up to the challenge of their calling.

Last September we saw major signs of Joseph when the treasure hidden in the field was found (Matt. 13:44). It was a tremendous sign of the lost Birthright being found (remembered), as the two sons of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) emerge onto the world scene.

And now, after much searching, we find a hotel in San Jose, which is Saint Joseph. We expect to be shown more revelation about the Father's plan for the Joseph company. Whereas 2009 was the year for raising up and revealing the Joseph company, the year 2010, I believe, is where the Joseph company will actually be commissioned as executives of the long-lost Birthright.

This will, of necessity, involve the removal of the Birthright from those who have claimed it in the past. These have used it for their own advantage, rather than to fulfill the promise to Abraham about being a blessing to all families of the earth.

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