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Redesigning the Dollar Update

Jan 15, 2010

I received an update from the Mammonator (Mammon Terminator) in regard to the second posting of the redesigned dollar (Jan. 13 blog). This is the link to the design in question:

Thank you for posting the links to my articles in your daily blog.  It is important to note that the second was related to a post made by another agent at RMN and a reader has found the source for that second USA note.
It is on a website that encourages people to post currency design ideas.  This may (or likely will) limit the importance of the post to most, though I've commented on the possible purposes for this website and more in the following entry at RMN:
I wrote the article right after opening the email mentioned in the article and trust that the immediacy of my comments will be evidence of integrity in this regard.  I hope that you will not receive any negative responses because of my 'explorations' on the currency subject that were and are intended to be judged in the context of an ongoing investigation (with the help of the readers). 
I am honoured to have been linked in your blog and trust that today's writing will bring us further down the road to a world without mammon.

Comment: This perhaps explains the rather drastic difference between the two designs. The other design, including a front and a back side, is more likely to be one that is already accepted and ready for distribution by the end of this year.

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