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Opportunity to Minister to the Homeless

Jan 18, 2010

I received this letter from Norm Edwards, who bought the property at Port Austin which we originally owned. Some of you have been there for conferences. This is an opportunitiy for anyone interested in moving to Port Austin to oversee a Homeless center.

Dear Stephen E Jones :

   I realize that most people receiving this message may not be interested, but you may know someone who will be.

This is a ministry opportunity for an adventurous faith-filled believer. Here at Port Austin Bible Campus, we have over 40 unoccupied rooms in habitable buildings. Michigan unemployment is the highest in the nation, and there are virtually no facilities for the homeless within 100 miles of us here at Port Austin. We are working with a group that is willing to pay for each homeless person we house, but we need someone to live here full time to manage the effort. The people we are talking to know we are a Christian community; we will not be restricted from preaching the gospel to these people.

We are looking for one or more people who would like to live here and run this ministry. A couple would be fine. The ministry worker(s) would be responsible for giving residents applications, interviewing them, determining their needs, managing furnishings and supplies, dealing with their difficulties and ultimately sending them out if they are too difficult. There will be plenty of opportunity to work one on one, as well as teach in group Bible studies.

Room, board, transportation and other expenses will be provided, as well as a means of earning discretionary spending money. No credentials are necessary, just willing heart and a spirit that does not give up easy.

This is not something that one would do because it will be a "good job" or because it will advance one along one's career path. It is something that one should do based upon prayer and a conviction that God wants one to do it.

If you know someone who might be interested in this, please let them know they can contact us for more details at Port Austin Bible Campus, PO Box 474, Port Austin, Michigan USA 48467; 989-738-7774, PABC@PortAustin.net

--Norman Edwards

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