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More New Currency Examples

Jan 20, 2010

On the new $1 bill, the "all-seeing eye" is in the base of the pyramid, rather than above the pyramid (as in our current bills).

In the old currency, the "eye" is said to represent "God," but of course, the Babylonian rulers consider themselves to be "God" over humanity. The pyramid itself, which was built to represent the earth, i.e., humanity. Thus, in the old design, while it appears (for public consumption) that the symbol represents the rule of God over the earth, in actual practice, the hidden meaning is that it represents Babylon's control over the earth.

The weight of the pyramid itself is one quadrillionth of the weight of the earth itself, so it was constructed to be a sort of "mini-earth."

The base of the pyramid itself is slightly hollowed out, forming the precise curvature of the earth's surface.

Inside the pyramid, it is 68 degrees at all times, which is the average temperature of the earth.

These factors (and many more) show us that the pyramid was designed to be a mini-earth and to represent the earth in general. The new currency places the "all-seeing eye" within the body of the pyramid itself, probably to show that God must rule through the people, rather than through the Babylonian, self-appointed oligarchs. Hence, the glory rays come from the inner eye, and only in this way can the Capstone (Jesus Christ) be enthroned on the pyramid (earth).

There is no way to know the designer's intent, because symbols mean different things to different people, and too often symbols are deliberately designed to present something different to the masses than for the rulers. It appears, though, in this case that the design reflects a change of ownership of the Federal Reserve. The Fed itself is not the problem; it's just a book-keeping system on steroids. The problem is the people who own and run the Fed, who use it to perpetrate fraud upon the people of the world.

If you place ownership and control of the Fed back into the hands of the Republic and put managers over it that are public servants, rather than public masters, it could stay in place without seriously disrupting the world economy. But to do so would require the cancellation of the debt that the Federal Reserve Notes now represent. This could be done quite easily. Simply treat each "note," not as a Debt Note, but as an actual store of wealth. In other words, declare these Notes to be what most people believe them to be already.

These new Fed Notes show the portraits of the old Babylonian rulers, of course. This may be to "sell" the idea to the present Babylonian rulers; or it may be that the rulers gave certain specifications as to who they wish to honor, thinking that this currency is truly theirs.

Regardless of man's plans, however, I believe that God is overthrowing the Babylonian kingdom and is establishing His own Biblical system, which I described in my pocket size booklet, "Biblical Money." It will be interesting to watch how this develops.

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