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More Comments on Haiti

Jan 14, 2010

The recent quake in Haiti is turning out to be a cataclysmic event. Virtually the entire population of Port au Prince is homeless, including the president (prince). Estimates of the dead run from 50,000 to 500,000.

The Presidential palace and the Senate building were destroyed.

The cathedral was destroyed and burned to the ground. Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot was killed.

The Red Cross headquarters was destroyed and about 200 of their personnel are under the rubble.

The United Nations headquarters was destroyed, with 210 killed. (60 bodies, with 150 still missing, as reported).

The UN peacekeepers have been there since the last political crisis in 2004. Many of them have been killed, making this an international disaster. Four Brazilians killed, and five injured. Three Jordanians killed, with 21 injured. Eight Chinese killed, with ten missing.

The entire population is virtually helpless and totally dependent upon foreign aid. There is always a time delay in mobilizing such a massive aid effort. Long before fresh water supplies are brought in, large numbers of people will be drinking from puddles in the street. So they are expecting a huge disease problem to follow shortly.

When I was in Haiti 7 years ago, the primary lesson that a few leaders learned was FAITH and how to be led by the Spirit. Brother Joe got the point when I went to the airport with $30 in my pocket and discovered that there was a "departure tax" on Americans for precisely $30. After paying it, I left the country with absolutely no money. But I told him that I am a rich man, because I always have exactly what I need.

I am hoping that this seed of the word took root in him. I have no idea how many churches were destroyed or how many Christians were killed in this disaster, but the survivors' faith will be tested for some time to come. I pray that God will meet their needs and make them a blessing to others who are less fortunate.

Pat Robertson put his foot in his mouth as usual, saying on international television that Haiti made a pact with the devil long ago in order to gain independence from France. This, he implied, was the reason Haiti has been so "cursed" all these years.

Commentator Keith Olbermann was livid at this statement, confessing that it almost made him believe that Pat Robertson himself was the devil incarnate. He raved at the idea of an "interventionist God," obviously believing the "God is dead" theology, where God created all things and left it unto itself. What Pat Robertson said might be true (I had never heard such a thing myself), but in his position as a "recognized spokesman," it was probably not wise to broadcast such a statement.

If I had said this, it would have made no ripples, because I am a spokesman for Nobody. (You know, those perfect people.) Even so, to imply that such an event might have meaning as a spiritual sign would also draw fire from the commentators, if I were not a Nobody myself. But I would be more apt to say that Haiti is dominated in the spirit by Voodoo, which is a combination of Catholic ritual and witchcraft. I would say that Haiti lacks divine protection, because the Christians there are not equipped spiritually to protect the country from the effects of Voodoo.

I suspect that the same could be said about New Orleans. Perhaps this is the underlying connection between Hurricane Katrina and the recent earthquake. I also believe that Pat Robertson has enough followers and listeners in both New Orleans and in Haiti to conduct an effective prayer campaign to "reverse the curse." I myself am not a regular listener, so I do not know if he has done so or not. (If he HAS done so, it was obviously not effective.)

On the other hand, we have not been led to do so ourselves, and I believe this is for a reason. God intended to make New Orleans, "that great city," and Port-au-Prince (of this world) types of Babylon and the kingdoms of this world.

I received this response from a reader, which I thought was interesting:

Hi Dr. Jones-

Really enjoyed today's post on the Haiti quake.  As I've been watching the news, something struck me that I thought I'd pass on in case others have noticed the same thing.  They recently made special mention that the quake took place at 4:53 in the afternoon.  This jumped out at me, not only because it seemed out of place with the rest of the reporting being done at the time, but also because a few months ago I was woken up out of my sleep at 4:53 in the morning three consecutive nights.  Very strange as I am an incredibly sound sleeper.  I started to look for significance of the number and found a site listing the Hebrew gematria for the number 453, which includes the following:

beasts; Behemoth; hippopotamus, Nile-horse.
"Two Winepresses".
fire pan or censer.
a crushing, destruction; terror, dismay.
breath of life.


You might want to save this web site for future reference. But I did receive this letter from a friend who wrote:


FYI, I have run into Bill Heidrick’s site before in gematria searches on the internet. I at first thought these might be useful too. However, if you go to his homepage, you will find he is likely a Satanist as he quotes, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” and has Aleister Crowley’s writings linked there.

Another reader wrote this:


You might want to take a look at Bill Heidrick's web site which you referenced today in your first post. Here's the first thing you see, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and it seems to go down from there.

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