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Israeli Relations with Turkey are Fraying Badly

Jan 15, 2010


The Israelis need Turkey, or at least Turkish airspace for many reasons. It looks like the recent Israeli snub of the Turkish ambassador was a serious mistake, and they were forced to apologize over it.

The article in the Israeli newspaper (above link) says:

During the meeting, Turkey's ambassador was seated in a low sofa, and facing him, in higher chairs, were Ayalon and two other officials - an arrangement carried out at Lieberman's orders. 

A photo-op was held at the start of the meeting, during which Ayalon told the photographers in Hebrew: "Pay attention that he is sitting in a 
lower chair and we are in the higher ones, that there is only an Israeli flag on the table and that we are not smiling." 

On Thursday, Erdogan confirmed Turkey had received an official apology from Israel over what the Turkish ambassador termed "humiliating" treatment by Ayalon, saying that it was "the expected and desired response." 

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