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Earthquakes and the Tsunami

Jan 11, 2010

On Dec. 31, in writing about the earthquakes that occurred on the Passover when Jesus was crucified (and again on His resurrection day), I wondered if we might see some earthquake activity on January 1 or on January 6-8. I wrote this:

There was, of course, no recorded earthquake at the original Passover, when Moses led Israel out of Egypt. No quake occurred when Israel crossed the Red Sea (wave-sheaf offering). Yet a quake occurred when Jesus was crucified and again when He was raised from the dead. Beyond the spiritual significance of these quakes as "signs," it makes me wonder if we may see an earthquake on January 1 and perhaps another around January 6-8.

January 4: There was a 7.2 Richter quake in the Pacific Ocean that caused a tsunami in the Solomon Islands. This was the day we left town to go to Pensacola. Keep in mind that the year 2010 is not only 7 x 390 years from the fall of Samaria, but it is also 14 x 210 years from the death of SOLOMON.

210 is the "Time of Jacob's Trouble." It was 210 years from the death of Solomon to the fall of Samaria (931-721 B.C.). Then 2,520 years later (210 x 12) brought us to the year 1800, when Washington D.C. was built. Our nation's capital was built 2,520 years after Israel's capital was destroyed in 721 B.C. The final, 13th period of 210 years brings us to the year 2010.

Hence, this year 2010 is connected to the death of King Solomon. That, I think, is the connection to the Solomon Island tsunami, and it is why I think it is significant as a sign.


Then I got this email from Kaye, who lives in California:

First I guess you know by now that my back yard was rocking and rolling last Thursday and Friday (7th and 8th) 4 plus points.... then on the 9th the earth moved under Eureka/Ferndale to the tune of a 6.5 with 25,000 people without power and a lot of downed chimneys and broken glass and housewares, store shelves a mess etc.  Kind of interesting how it DID seem to coincide with the sea lions disappearing, and of course your suggestion to perhaps expect some shaking or volcanoes somewhere between the 6th and 8th.  What you didn't tell me was that it would be MY house! The two that hit my neighborhood were a few miles North-East of San Jose, but felt all around the Bay Area pretty strong.

I know that quakes are common and occur every day somewhere around the world. But these may be confirmations of the Passover New Year. I remember going to Eureka, CA on the night of June 28/29, 2006 to make a decree concerning the Bohemian Grove that was meeting there that week. I find it interesting that January 9, 2010 is precisely 1290 days after this decree. The number 1290 is found in Daniel 12:11 and is usually known as the number of the Desolator, i.e., the Abomination of Desolation.

What does this quake indicate? I don't know yet, but I suspect it has something to do with the overthrow of the kingdoms run by the members of the Bohemian Grove.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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