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Babylon's Privatization of America opposed by the Kings of the East

Jan 18, 2010

I have mentioned in times past that the UNITED STATES, INC is not the original organic Republic that was founded 200+ years ago. It is a corporation that exists alongside the country that we call America.

The corporation above is privately owned. The organic Republic is owned by the Public (you and me).

With the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, our nation's financial system, with the power to create money, was privatized. That is, it was given to a private consortium of bankers who were Class-A stockholders of the corporation known as the Federal Reserve. The "private" ownership of the Fed is stated many times in their own literature, so that fact is beyond question.

I do not know if this was the FIRST example of the privatization of America, but it was certainly the most important one.

Do you remember when the Soviet Union broke up about 20 years ago? Up to that time, the government owned all the major businesses, and every citizen was essentially an employee of the government. When the government broke up, the first thing that certain powerful men did was to sell off all the major assets of the government at dirt-cheap prices. It was called "privatization," and it was billed as "democracy."

Most of the big assets were sold to cronies who became known later as the so-called "Russian Oligarchs." Many of these were Russian Jews, sparking a wave of resentment among the Russian people.

The point is that it seemed to work so well in Russia that our own President Bush (Sr) decided to do the same in America. He issued Executive Order 12808 on May 4, 1992, which you may read online at:


(c) Approve State and local governments' requests to Privatize infrastructure assets . . .

(b) "Infrastructure asset" means any asset financed in whole or in part by the Federal Government and needed for the functioning of the economy. Examples of such assets include, but are not limited to roads, tunnels, bridges, electricity supply facilities, mass transit, rail transportation, airports, ports, waterways, water supply facilities, recycling and wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, housing, schools, prisons, and hospitals.

As a result of this, prisons have been privatized and turned into for-profit institutions.


The profit motive means that they now brag about being able to feed prisoners for a small amount of money--mostly because the food is substandard with very little meat. I know of at least one prison in Pennsylvania that has no heat in the winter time, and they give the inmates just one blanket. It's all designed to turn a profit.

The worst thing is when judges are allowed to own stock in private prisons, because they suddenly have a vested interest in sending more people to prison in order to increase profits.

Another very important issue is the privatization of the armed forces. We now have what used to be called "mercenaries." Blackwater (which changed its name to Xe a year ago) is one of the largest private "contractors" in the world. There are three main private armies now, and Xe is the largest.


President Bush's executive order (above) gives unlimited power to privatize every government agency in the name of "downsizing government." There are no limits placed on it, nor does it specify that any privatization must be reported to the public.

So here is what has happened. First the privatization of money itself brought the government to bankruptcy in 1933. The Fed and its branch banks have a lien on all the property (and taxes) of the entire country. In this way, the Republic became the (bankrupt) debtor, and the Fed made its stockholders exceedingly wealthy. With all of its wealth, they became the absolute masters of the Republic.

In 1992 President Bush decided to sell off the rest of the assets of the Republic. Who, then, bought these assets? Those who had the money, of course. Most of them are part of the system of USA, INC. The bottom line is that USA INC gets bigger and bigger, while the organic Republic gets smaller and smaller. But because the people do not realize what is happening, they think that the legitimate "government" is getting too big. In fact, it is downsizing, because USA INC is taking over everything.

This is the privatization of America. It is extreme Fascism, which the Wikipedia defines as:

"Fascism, pronounced /ˈfæʃɪzəm/, is a political ideology that seeks to combine radical and authoritarian nationalism with a corporatist economic system, and which is usually considered to be on the far right of the traditional left-right political spectrum."

In other words, fascism is essentially a corporate take-over of government. Whoever has the most money holds the most power. When the government has a $12 Trillion debt to the corporations, guess who is the real ruler? That is why we can elect who we will, but the more things "change" the more it all stays the same.

There is, however, a counterforce in the world, which God has raised up to bring this to an end. There are monarchs and ex-monarchs (who lost their thrones) in the world today who have banded together and pledged their wealth to reverse this trend. After all, it is THEIR NATIONS that have been looted by "privatization." Many have lost their thrones, and others are in danger of losing theirs if the others succeed in privatizing the world. They do not want private corporations to replace nations and governments. In fact, they want their thrones back.

These royals are now staging a comeback, and the battle lines have been drawn. This is part of what I refer to as the "banker wars." These "kings of the east" (Rev. 16:12) are the fulfillment of the original pattern whereby King Cyrus of Persia, allied with Darius the Mede, overthrew Babylon in 537 B.C. That biblical history has been replaying itself particularly since 1914, when the neo-Babylonian Empire (Federal Reserve bankers) took over this country. It occurred precisely 2,520 years after the original Babylon became an empire in 607 B.C.

God judged America for its rebellion against His rule and His laws, and now we are coming OUT OF BABYLON. Hence, God is raising up "Cyrus," called in Isaiah 45:1, "My messiah," that is, a type of Christ, to overthrow Mystery Babylon today. Cyrus himself probably knew little or nothing about the God of the Bible, yet God was not ashamed to call him a "messiah," that is, "an anointed one," one empowered with divine authority to do the particular job of overthrowing Babylon.

This current economic collapse is but a reflection of this secret war going on behind the scenes. And it is also the result of our Jubilee Prayer Campaign (1993-2006), which was successfully completed on Oct. 7, 2006 with our final declaration made in Babylon, NY: "It is done."

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