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United Nations World Currency

Dec 22, 2009


The United Nations has issued commemorative "medallions" in the past, but never "coins" per se. Coins are money. It appears that this small beginning is the foundation for a world currency. It is interesting that it would be based upon gold, at least in this initial stage of the game.

Gold is the worst enemy of banks, because it competes with paper currency. But there is a financial war going on behind the scenes between those who want to bring back gold to back currency vs. the backers of paper.

Of course, those who hold the gold are one side, while those who hold the paper are on the other.

I wonder if this new U.N. gold coin tells us which side may be winning.

Perhaps the Babylonian "head of gold" must rise again before it is cut off. This is something to watch.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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