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The Holy Spirit Coming Again to Mexico

Dec 31, 2009

Next week I will be going to Pensacola to hear David Hogan, a missionary to Mexico, where it is reported that many people have been raised from the dead in recent years.

Today I received a Battle Report from Ellen, a friend of mine who recently went to Mexico to do some spiritual warfare. She and I had discussed this up-coming trip when we were in Sweetwater last October, and continued our discussion via emails.

Her report says that she arrived at Durango ("water town") on December 9, just before the dancing and festivities began for the festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe, whose day is December 12. She says that in the midst of all the festivities, she was led to pour out some pure water on the ground to represent the pure water of the Word coming to that land. She believed that this would start a spiritual chain reaction of the truth of the Word being released in Mexico. She was also to lift up her hands and say AMEN to the Father's plan and word.

This also happened to coincide with the Festival of Lights ("Hanukkah"), also called the Feast of Dedication. It appears that the light is about to shine into Mexico in a new way, and that in the end Mexico will be dedicated to God in a new way not known before.

On that same day, I wrote in my blog for 12/11/09. . .

"So if we do not see any particular sign in today's news, we may have to look back on this date later in order to notice a turning point. There may be an event or decree that occurs in an obscure part of the world that is significant in the eyes of God."

Well, this was it--or at least this was the first event that we know of. It is probably no coincidence that David Hogan is associated with Mexico as well. This will be interesting to follow as events unfold in the future.

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