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The Case of the Missing Muslims

Dec 26, 2009


It appears that a lot of Muslim men, having established themselves in America, are going to Pakistan for further training--paramilitary training, it seems.

So much for the idea that we have to fight the terrorists in Afghanistan, because if we do not, we will fight them here on American soil.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

As long as our immigration policies continue as is, there is no way to stop the conflict from being imported to America. Many come as perfectly innocent children, and within a few years, with no change of religion, they become part of the recruiting ground for jihadists.

Moderate Muslims ought to take heed of this and realize that if the Jihadists among them start blowing up targets in America, the reaction will not spare them. Nor will our Zionist leaders be of any help to the innocent. In fact, Zionists would see such Jihadist activity as quite beneficial to the Zionist cause in general, because it would certainly turn the vast majority of Americans into an angry mob. Americans would naturally identify with the Zionist cause, as virtually all Muslims would be seen as the common "enemy."

It makes me wonder who is behind these immigration policies in the first place. Who has the most to gain by it, politically speaking? It smells like the Zionists, who control our immigration policies, are hoping to sweep all of us into a big war against Muslims, in order to lock us into being allies with Zionism.

In the bigger prophetic picture, we are learning the sad lesson about immigration. It is not that immigration itself is the problem. The problem is that someone upstairs is trying to cause trouble in the guise of "religious freedom." The theory is that if you bring some of every religion into a nation, we are somehow strengthened by this diversity of religious culture.

No, the Babylonian government is strengthened, because its agents can use each religious group against the other and thereby control all of the others. But this only works until you get enough people of one or more groups that are willing to blow themselves to smithereens as long as they can be assured of taking a few dozen other people to the feet of their Deity.

This immigration policy itself is suicidal, and I suspect that some folks up there in government are guilty of assisted suicide.

We may eventually see the final breakdown of order in society, caused by the simple fact that there are a lot of non-Christians and Old Covenant Christians living here in America. This kind of scenario seems like the natural consequence of the secular idea of "religious freedom." In the Kingdom of God, no unclean person will pass through it, and the law of God will be the "wall" (boundary). But America today is not the Kingdom of God, so it has no such protective barriers. It looks like we will have to learn from our mistakes, and our sins will judge us as we reap the consequences of our lawlessness.

I am not writing this to scare you, but to warn you ahead of time, so that you do not get caught up in any potential killing spree that may break out. If worse comes to worse, this will be the greatest opportunity yet to show your true Faith. It will not be the kind of faith that trusts God to help us kill more perceived enemies. It will be the kind of Faith that bears witness to the character of Jesus Christ, which sees each person as an individual, and does not collectively punish the innocent for the sins of others. There will be a whole group of people to extend kindness and the love of Christ.

This is a Gideon battle plan. Gideon's army manifested the prophetic feast days. They were up against a coalition of enemies, who prophetically represent the three main Old Covenant religions in the world today--including Old Covenant Christianity. If they want to fight each other, we have no obligation to join any of those three sides of the conflict.

It is our calling to be Peacemakers and to teach the Divine Law for life on earth in the Age to come.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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