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Texas Trip Report

Dec 09, 2009

I have been in Texas this past week end for the conference. It went very well, with over 100 in attendance. After this, we made a trip south of Dallas for a day and then yesterday began driving north toward home. We then drove to Peculiar, MO, which is about 20 miles south of Kansas City.

We prayed that the rain would not turn to snow before we arrived at our destination, and so we watched the temperature as it dropped from 46 degrees. By the time we arrived at our destination, it was 33 degrees, just before entering the zone of ice and snow. So our prayers were answered, and we did not have to fight ice along the way.

The Father then told us to remain in Peculiar for an extra day in order to attend the IHOP meetings (International House of Prayer), which go on every day until midnight. They have been having some extraordinary healings and miracles since November 11, and a few dozen healings occurred again this morning, according to their testimonies.

The timing, I think, is significant, since November 12 was the beginning of the new Prophetic Year that I have written about in the past few weeks. November 12 technically begins at sundown on November 11, which was when this new wave of miracles actually began. This tells me something about the Father's plan and purpose for the coming Prophetic Year--at the 11th hour.

I also found it interesting that in today's meeting, the focus was mainly upon those who had hearing problems. Quite a few testified of having their hearing healed or improved. I suspect that this is an indication that the famine of hearing the word has nearly run its course, and God is preparing the Church for a tsunami of Truth that is about to hit the earth.

Other reports indicate that there are huge changes coming in Washington D.C. soon. It appears that December 4 was a major turning point in that regard. These changes are for the good, and the effects are already having a positive effect on the value of the dollar. But don't expect to see much of this reflected in the mainstream news any time soon. News editors will not allow their reporters to report this news yet. There is still an economic war going on among the bankers and world leaders, and so this could go back and forth for a while.

December 4, 1981 was "crucifixion day," and one year later on December 4, 1982 was the beginning of resurrection in the signs that I lived through. So the date this year could have gone either way, but it appears that the death portion has been overcome by resurrection life. So this is encouraging, and I believe we should see some very positive things occur in the coming year (2010) by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The specific events that occur on known watch dates are often quite sensitive and cannot be reported immediately, because they involve real people and real-time situations. Such is the case now, but I can tell you that there are some very good things happening, and these are witnessed by the usual pattern of types and signs that might be expected.

Last night the Father told us to check out the IHOP this morning, and when I asked about leaving at noon to drive back to Minnesota, He just said the answer would be plain today. Well, since I-35 was closed all through Iowa today (due to the blizzard), we knew that we were to remain here in Peculiar until tomorrow. Iowa has had a foot of snow with strong, cold blowing wind. The wind is expected to die down about 6:00 p.m., so I know they will be plowing the highway all night tonight to clear a path for us to drive home tomorrow.

As usual, the Father's timing is perfect. Someone even reminded me that He is in control of the weather. We were delayed in order to observe some important events at the IHOP today and to hear what the Spirit is revealing today. And we get to visit some Peculiar People and treasures in the field that God has been hiding. When we put this together with the revelation of Sept. 24, we understand that the current "death and resurrection" theme has to do with raising Joseph and the Birthright from the dead, along with all Israel and the Peculiar People.

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