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Death and Resurrection Sign Today

Dec 30, 2009

Another sign of death and resurrection is being reported on today's news. It happened Christmas Eve, when a mother and newborn son both appear to have died and then come back to life. Mother was dead about four minutes, which reminds me of Lazarus who was dead four days.


What interests me is that just before seeing this story, I had talked on the phone to a friend about the birth of a baby boy on Christmas day. His name means "traveler, or pilgrim."

I began to see that these events are signs of the times right now. They suggest a connection with the patterns of 1981, 1982, and 1985 that I have explained in blogs earlier this month.

It was 28 years ago today (Dec. 30, 1981) that we physically drove out of Las Cruces, NM to begin our "wilderness journey." You might say we began our "pilgrimage."

One year later (Dec. 30, 1982) I received the phone call offering me a new job in Arkansas, and I knew that our pilgrimage was ending. We moved within a few weeks and arrived in Batesville, AR on January 22/23, 1983.

On Dec. 30, 1985, Pastor Thomas left the church as well, an event that I saw coming 29 days earlier, simply because I was beginning to understand prophetic time patterns by that time.

The point is that we are now in a similar pattern, and that pattern has to do with leaving, departure, travel, or pilgrimage. Today is specifically the anniversary of the past patterns that I have observed. I do not know yet if we will see something emerge specifically on this day, or if this will be modified.

Perhaps the article above (about mother and child undergoing death and resurrection) is the sign of the times. Though the event actually occurred on the evening of Dec. 24, it was not reported, nor came to our attention until today. That is often how these signs work.

Getting back to the phone call offering me a job in Arkansas on this date in 1982, it was one of the endpoints of my wilderness journey. There were five such dates, five going INTO the wilderness in 1981, followed by five coming OUT of the wilderness a year later on the same dates. The final dates of that cycle were January 23 (arrival in Batesville), January 27 (flying out to Las Cruces to bring out furniture out of storage), and January 30, when I arrived back in Batesville.

Those were the endpoints. A year earlier, of course, the Net of Prayer had conducted its first spiritual warfare from Nov. 12, 1981 to January 27, 1982. At the end of the battle, they held a 3-day "celebration" ending on January 30. A year later, I "celebrated" as well, in being able to bring all our belongings out of storage to our new home. I left Jan. 27 and arrived home on Jan. 30, 1983.

As you perhaps recall, I was caught up in the warfare of 1981-1982 without realizing what was happening. I wrote about this in chapter 3 of Hearing God's Voice. That warfare changed my life, brought me in crisis mode, and put me on a new and unfamiliar path of spiritual understanding. I wonder sometimes if God pretends to be a bit hard of hearing at times. When I prayed for more of Christ in my life, He said, "Eh? You want more crisis? Happy to accommodate you! You'll love it--after it's over."

Anyway, this time around, January 27 is again a significant watch date, as it is the end of the first 76-day period of the new prophetic year that began last November 12.

Recall that these dates defined the beginning and end of the first prayer campaign 28 years ago. That prayer campaign led me into death for the purpose of resurrecting me into a new life in Christ on a new level unknown to me previously.

And December 30 was one of the major pattern-setting dates at the time. Hence, it is also a watch date today. From that perspective, it should not be surprising that we would see a case of death and resurrection of madonna and child occur on Christmas Eve and be reported today.

Taking this one step further, in regard to the 6th and 7th signs of Elisha, God has obviously linked these two signs, not only in 2 Kings 4 but also by bunching them so close together now. As such, we can view these as a sequence of death and resurrection as well. The Passover New Year's celebration is the "death" phase, because Passover prophesies of death as well as new birth.

The 7th sign is about resurrection, almost as if we are seeing a week-long feast of Unleavened Bread, during which time the wave-sheaf offering is to be celebrated. Jesus was raised from the dead on the morning of the wave-sheaf offering and presented to the Father at the 3rd hour of the day when the priest waved the sheaf of barley in the temple.

I explained all of that in chapter 1 of my book, The Laws of the Second Coming.

I am not sure why God would hold a Passover/Unleavened Bread/wave-sheaf offering cycle at the beginning of the Gregorian calendar year. But then, I don't make these decisions. I just report the news and try to flow with the Plan.

Once we get past the events of New Year's and the week after, we will have to watch January 17, 23, 27. And we might have reason to "celebrate" from Jan. 27-30.

And that's just the first 76-day cycle. The second goes from Jan. 27 to April 12 this year, concluding on the one-year anniversary of the start of the Elisha Ministry that was decreed in Manassas, VA a year earlier.

So much revelation, so little brain to hold it all.

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