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Dec 26, 2009

In the earlier weblog I talked about the demoniac woman that received deliverance on March 15, 2006. Actually, there were two sessions. The first one, which I described in the weblog, occurred on June 24, 2004. The second occurred on March 15, 2006 and completed her restoration.

In the second session, she was delivered of the spirit of bitterness. In that session, friends called to asked me to go to her apartment, because she was in no condition to come to my office. When I arrived, she was in the midst of a full-blown demonic manifestation and that spirit refused to recognize my presence at all. But it was no match for Jesus and the power of His blood. It left as soon as it was commanded, and the woman has had no further problem.

The 3-1/2 year cycle did not begin until the completion of her healing/restoration on March 15, 2006. But her deliverance actually took place over a period of a year and a half.

I just wanted to make that correction.

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