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Turkish-Iranian Alliance Upsets Israelis

Nov 12, 2009

On November 10, 2009, a "watch date" for us, the Turkish government signed a military agreement with Iran, effectively ending Turkey's cozy relationship with the Israelis. Talks had begun on Oct. 28 and were fully signed Nov. 10.


Turkey had already cancelled NATO-Israeli military exercises a month ago on Oct. 12.


So it is no wonder that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu came to Washington to talk with President Obama. Nor is it surprising that all news reporters and cameras were off limits to their conversation. So secretive was it that they even cancelled the customary photo-op, complete with smiles and hand shakes.

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reported that the Netanyahu and Obama are quite angry with each other. Other reports indicate a shouting match at the meeting. Haaretz wrote:

So far, no photos have been released from the meeting. The only photos available are those of Netanyahu entering the White House, and leaving it. The government photographer, the only one allowed into the meeting, was prohibited from making the photos public. 

The late hour of the meeting, which was scheduled at the very last minute while Netanyahu was already on a plane to Washington, and the fact that the prime minister was transported in a simple van, and not the official government vehicle that usually takes world leaders to meetings with the president, also indicated that something was amiss

The bureaus of both Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who was present during the second part of the meeting, canceled the briefings that they had planned to give to the press following the meetingThey also canceled planned radio interviews. According to Israeli sources, the cancellations stemmed from U.S. displeasure with headlines in the Israeli media suggesting that Netanyahu bended Obama's will. Netanyahu's media advisers wanted to appease the Americans, and therefore cancelled the briefings, sources said. 

Senior officials in the Obama administration also accused Netanyahu of suggesting that he had the power to pressure Obama with various lobbies within the U.S. political arena. The White House views this sentiment as a "re-run" of Netanyahu's behavior during Bill Clinton's administration. This issue apparently came up in the meeting between Netanyahu and Obama. 

"The administration was upset because Netanyahu's camp forced the meeting on them, and that it was scheduled in accordance with Netanyahu's schedule, and not theirs," said one of the Jewish leaders at the GA conference.


Apparently, Obama is not at all pleased with Netanyahu's continuation of the settlements on Palestinian land--a policy which has stalled all peace talks today, with Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas threatening to resign altogether and leave the government to Hamas. The fact that Netanyahu got picked up in a van was a clear diplomatic snub that registered Obama's anger with him. This may mean little to an average person on the street, but it is the equivalent to a slap in the face in the political world.

Clearly, the political situation has taken a serious turn for the worse, caused primarily by the Israeli religious view that to give up one inch of land that they have stolen (er, I mean "redeemed") is the unpardonable sin. Palestinians don't have the right to exist, you know. Or as Golda Meir said once, "There are no Palestinians."

In recent years the Palestinians managed to swallow their pride and sense of justice in order to agree to a Two-State Solution. They understood that half the pie was better than none at all. Now the monkey is on the back of Netanyahu, and it is plain to all that he will never agree to a Two-State Solution. All the pretence from the past about how it was the Palestinians who stood in the path of peace--all of that is now seen as disingenuous.

Of course, I have written about this many times in the past. It's good to see that the world finally is beginning to understand the nature of Zionism. But now that the truth is out in the open, the diplomats will have a difficult job keeping the frogs in the wheel barrow as they move toward the peace table.

We are now one giant step closer to the casting out of Hagar-Jerusalem (Gal. 4:25-30), so that Sarah, the New Jerusalem, may step forth as the mother of us all.

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