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The Prophetic New Year has begun

Nov 13, 2009

As I have explained in the past, there are different starting points for every new year. Most people begin on January 1. The Hebrew new year begins on Rosh Hoshana in September. But I have noticed another beginning point in addition to the others. I call it the Prophetic New Year.

Each Prophetic Year culminates at the feast of Tabernacles. Then after a brief interim it begins either in late October or early November. It begins with 2 periods of 76 days ("cleansing"). Watching the endpoints of these 76-day periods gives us the foundational revelation of the work that God intends to do in the coming Prophetic Year.

Last year it began on Nov. 5 when it was announced that Senator Obama of Illinois had just been elected President. On the same day #666 appeared in the Illinois lottery. Six is the number of "man" in the Bible, since man was created on the sixth day. But this triple combination is defined more precisely by chronology. It was 666 years from 597 B.C. to 70 A.D.

In 597 B.C. the temple vessels were taken to Babylon (2 Kings 24:13). In 70 A.D. the Romans took the vessels of the temple to Rome. So 666 suggests "man (i.e., the flesh) taking over the worship of God," as opposed to being led by the Spirit. This is a desecration of the temple vessels. So it was not surprising that in this past year the theme emerged of the vessels of the temple being filled.

Because God has separated the overcomers from the church, there are, in effect, two sets of vessels. The one set has been consecrated to God; the other has been defiled. Yet the defilement itself pictures the story in Daniel 5, where Belshazzar praised the gods of gold by drinking from the temple vessels, bringing the final verdict of God for the overthrow of Babylon. So as a result of this desecration, we should see the same occur in the coming year(s).

The Prophetic New Year Began November 12

So as of yesterday, November 12, 2009, we have entered a New Prophetic Year. I had been watching for this day since the end of Tabernacles last month. Each day when I inquired of the Lord, the Lord shook His head, "No, not today." Sometimes the New Year begins in late October, but usually it is in the first week of November, as we saw last year. So with "watch dates" occurring on Nov. 1, 5, 9, and 10, I thought perhaps the New Year may begin on one of them. But each time, the Lord said, NO.

This year, however, it was as late as I have ever seen it, and yet it is not unprecedented. In fact, this is the date of the New Year that occurred in 1981, 1982, and 1985 (and later dates as well). So all of those past years give us the "watch dates" of the present cycle. Now I understand why December 4 has emerged as our conference date. December 4 was very important in 1981 and 1982. We have orbited around the sun once more, and find ourselves observing and participating in the timeless battle in that part of the universe.

Fortunately for us, however, the battle has progressed considerably. We have already "taken much ground" and are well on our way to full victory so that we can align with the Ultimate Victory that Jesus won at the cross. So I would not expect to see the same difficulties as I experienced in those early years.

So the first thing to note is that our first 76-day period is Nov. 12 to January 26 (inclusive reckoning) or January 27 (exclusive reckoning).

The second 76-day period, then, is Jan. 26/27 to April 12, 2010. Interesting that this is precisely one year after the Elisha commissioning in Manassas, VA.

There are many dates within that context, of course, that we will be watching. As I mentioned earlier, back in 1981 there were five dates as I went into my wilderness experience; and five corresponding dates in 1982 where I came back out. Those will again be "watch dates" this year (i.e., December and January).

It is hard to know precisely what direction this will take, because although these 76-day cycles give us the essential theme for the coming year, we have yet to see what direction it will take this time. But we are off to a good start, and we already know a certain amount just by knowing that it began on Nov. 12.

What we already know

We already know the progression in the story of Elisha and that right now, as we enter the New Year, it involves the theme of death and resurrection. December 4 is "Crucifixion Day," from 1981 from my Las Cruces experience. It also begins the countdown toward resurrection (1982-1983). Within this time frame was a 414-day "cursed time" period (Dec. 4/5, 1981 to Jan. 23/24, 1983), as well as a 390-day "Ezekiel" intercession cycle (Dec. 30, 1981 to Jan. 23, 1983). See Ezekiel 4:6.

We have at our disposal an abundance of revelation from the past, which could have direct parallels to the present time. And the fact that this revelation applies to the very important year 2010 gives us even more material to work with.

If any of you wish to study the original patterns from 1981-1982 and again in 1982-1983, you can read chapter 3 of my book, Hearing God's Voice.

If you wish to study how these same patterns replayed in 1985-1986, see chapters 4 and 49 of The Wars of the Lord.

I believe that these stories will prove to be important in the next few months. The patterns from 1981-1983, which I call my "wilderness" experience, was actually a form of death and resurrection (i.e., "crucifixion day" to resurrection in a new life/ministry).

The events of 1985-1986 presented that same theme, but focused more upon the effects of death and resurrection upon the Saul Church. The representative of "Saul" at that time was a pastor we called "Red." The context was a Holy Spirit "revival" in his church that had occurred in the summer of 1985. The Holy Spirit came upon most of the members of the church, but it bypassed the pastor.

This caused a conflict in which he "died" in December and we "raised him from the dead" on January 27, 1986 at the end of the 76-day cycle in that year. That entire story was designed to teach us the principle of raising the dead. So it is not surprising that this same theme would emerge in a new context (Elisha) now. The story progresses, and new characters are raised up to play their parts, but the underlying theme remains the same.

It's all exciting, very exciting. I'm shouting inside. I'm almost tempted to stand up. But of course, I'm much too subdued for that sort of outburst. In my line of work, if I showed excitement every time exciting things were happening, I would be shouting all the time, and the neighbors would complain.

Okay, be still, my soul. Calm down. Back to work. Lots to get done today. More books. . .

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