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The 1985 Resurrection Pattern

Nov 16, 2009

Years ago we had a revelation about the twelve spiritual "gates" around America. There was a prayer wall of defense in those days, but in 1981 that wall was breached by spiritual forces that have led to the present condition of the nation.

One of those gates was located at Las Cruces, NM. It was called "the gate of death and resurrection."

Of course, I experienced a little of that when I lived there in 1981. My "death" was in 1981, and my "resurrection was a year later. But in 1985-1986 we saw another round of events based on the patterns from 1981. Once again, it had to do with death and resurrection. The main difference is that I did not have to be the one to go through that experience. I was already past that. Instead, I was part of the group that interceded for the one who was going through it.

I speak of Pastor Red Thomas. The Father told me on Dec. 1, 1985 that the Pastor was going to leave the church on Dec. 30. I knew this because I suddenly saw that we were repeating the pattern from 1981. I had left the church in Las Cruces on Dec. 30, 1981, after resigning earlier on the 4th. That is, we had put all our belongings in storage, except what we could pack in a small car, and physically moved to Wisconsin to begin our wilderness experience.

Once the repeat pattern was seen, and once we knew who the "players" were in that round of events, it was not difficult to know that the pastor was going to leave the church in Batesville on Dec. 30, 1985.

I shared this with a few intercessors the next evening in a special prayer meeting. There it was revealed that the fire of the Holy Spirit was coming upon the Church, but that it would hit only the first two rows of the church. We did not have a time frame for this, but we also saw the pastor trapped in the church basement.

On Sunday, Dec. 29, the pastor called for communion. First he called up the elders, and then me, and then Bob, and so on until more than half of the people were up front. It was very strange, and we all wondered what was going on. Later that evening, a man spoke on the Tabernacle of Moses, and as he concluded, he lifted up his hands to pray, and the Holy Spirit was poured out.

What a time of rejoicing that was! But I felt a certain coldness on my back and realized that the pastor and his wife were sitting two rows behind me. (Darla and I were in row 2, by the way.) When it was over, I turned around and found that the pastor and his wife were gone. They had left early. As it turned out, the Holy Spirit had only hit the first two rows of the church, and everyone behind was left wondering what was going on.

I realized then that this was the final event that would cause the pastor to leave the church. The next day was Dec. 30. So three of us prayed and fasted for him all the next day.

On the evening of Dec. 30, we had a men's meeting at Bob's house. We had been having Monday evening men's meetings since the previous summer when the Holy Spirit had begun to move in that church. Toward the end of the meeting, Pastor Thomas suddenly stood up, turned to Bob, and said, "All I want is the communion table, because that was my mother's." Then he stormed out of the house and slammed the door.

Everyone was stunned because it happened so quickly. But yet nearly everyone in the room had been forewarned days or even weeks earlier.

The next day a few of us met with Pastor Thomas and gave him his church back. "Let us leave," we told him. "We don't want your church." (Looking back, I now realize that he thought we were making a power play to take over his church. So when we gave him back the church, this must have surprised him.)

Well, that was Dec. 31, and we were making preparations for a New Year's prayer meeting that evening. I asked the Father what was the problem with the Pastor. He gave me 1 Cor. 11:30, "For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep."

I suddenly connected this to the strange communion from the previous Sunday morning. I realized then that he had been planning to leave already, but had wanted communion one last time before leaving. But nostalgia is not the purpose of communion. Communion is a covenant that bonds people together. In that he was planning to leave, he took communion "unworthily," as Paul says in 1 Cor. 11:27. This, Paul wrote, is the cause of many being "weak and sickly" and even dead (asleep).

I knew then that Pastor Thomas had "died." That is, in the spiritual sense, he had died, and that this would manifest in the world at some point in the near future. So I asked the Father what to do about it. He said, "He needs someone with the anointing to raise the dead."

Well, I knew such a person, because two months earlier the Lord had led me to anoint someone with the anointing to raise the dead. So a few days later, when I was asked "what will happen next," I replied, "Pastor Thomas is going to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit on January 27. It will be administered by Pastor Joe McReynolds of Searcy, Arkansas, and this will be how Pastor Thomas is raised from the dead."

"Not in a million years," was the response.

"We'll see," I said.

Well, as it turned out, Pastor Joe McReynolds came to Batesville on January 27 and asked to hold a special meeting with those of us who had left Pastor Thomas' church. I agreed, and then called Pastor Thomas to invite him to the meeting. I was up front with him, telling him that I believed Pastor McReynolds was the one called to lay hands on him to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Thomas came and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit as expected. No one thought such a thing would ever happen, because he had been resistant to the Holy Spirit for many decades. But this served to "raise him from the dead" even before he died. This was on January 27, 1986.

In those days we understood from other revelation that Pastor Thomas was in danger of dying on April 12. On that day, he accidentally burned himself quite badly, and his doctor told him that he was lucky to have survived. But he lived.

There is far more to the story. As for the rest of the story, is not written in the book of The Wars of the Lord? (Num. 21:14)

The point is that we will soon see another 76-day cycle from January 27 to April 12 in the present Prophetic Year. It will probably show a blend of patterns from 1981 and 1986, as well as other years. But keep in mind that back in 1981 and 1985 we were still unaware of the 76-day cycles. The patterns were established without our knowledge, and we were able to understand these after I learned the Secrets of Time in 1991.

So today we are seeing the same patterns of death and resurrection emerge. I do not know yet who the players on the stage will be, nor do I know how the story will be played. But the patterns and dates have already been set in past years. It will be interesting to see the progress in the story line from November 12 to January 27 to April 12. These patterns will tell us what God is going to do in the coming prophetic year.

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