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Quotes from the Great Depression

Nov 02, 2009

From the D.C. propaganda mill and the wishful thinkers on Wall Street, one would think that the current recession has "turned the corner."

Of course, if you recall, it was supposed to have turned the corner a year ago, too.

As I have said many times, the job description of a politician is not to tell the truth, but to reassure the people that all is well. That way, the people on the street are induced to spend more, go into debt, and stimulate the economy, while those in the know hoard their money for the inevitable continuance of the recession.

Citigroup is reported to be hoarding and have doubled their cash reserves in recent months. Almost as if they lack "consumer confidence."

Anyway, here are a few laughable quotes from the Great Depression. Take note that Oct. 29, 1929 was the date of "Black Tuesday," the great stock market crash.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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